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I decided to test DER on our own systems before recommending it to clients. We had multiple Outlook email files on various machines, due to travel, migration and backups, housing nearly 1 million emails accumulated over many years. Because of the unique nature of the business, these cannot be archived but must be accessible regularly. DER allowed us to consolidate these various files, reducing the total emails which were on the system by more than 300,000, and saved us many GB of storage space since our emails frequently also contain large attachments. Not only did DER allow us to reduce the file size and bring order to the disparate email boxes, it further helped us streamline our operations, and save invaluable processing time. We figured that it would have taken literally MONTHS of focused and dedicated work to even attempt to clear out the duplicates and bring a higher-level order to our system. DER did this and more within a handful of hours, while we concentrated on providing services to the customers of the business instead. We now look forward to using the attachment processing tool to reduce the file size and thus processing time even further. I will absolutely recommend this to our clients who are using Outlook. Thank you for such a superior product!

Michael Hemmelgarn
MHA Consulting

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