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1 May 2006

MAPILab "All-inclusive" Package - unique offer from MAPILab for May 2006!

Save 60% and get all MAPILab Outlook Add-ins together in the MAPILab "All-inclusive" Package for Microsoft Outlook only for $149.

Today MAPILab offers you more than 30 add-ins for Microsoft Outlook. 14 separate tools + MAPILab Toolbox that consists of 18 components, each of them is a full-valued add-in!

Our prices are the most competitive on the Microsoft Outlook add-ins market, and the quality of our products is proved by the 4-year company work experience, the existence of more than 70000 users all over the world and testimonials of these users.

Especially for you we have created the MAPILab "All-inclusive" Package for Microsoft Outlook that contains ALL MAPILab Outlook Add-ins.

See the table below:

Add-ins included in the MAPILab "All-inclusive" Package for Microsoft Outlook Short add-inís description Standard single-user license price
Actual Contacts for Outlook Easy updating Microsoft Outlook address book. $24
Add Contacts The auto-adding of new email addresses as contacts. $15
Advanced Folders Watch Monitoring of new messages in Outlook folders. $24
Attachments Processor for Outlook Powerful manager of attached files in Outlook messages. $24
Duplicate Email Remover Delete duplicate emails and posts in Outlook. $15
Duplicates Remover for Outlook Delete all types of duplicates (excluding emails) in Outlook. $24
Easy Survey Create and conduct surveys using Microsoft Office applications. $49
E-mail Follow-Up The add-in monitors unanswered e-mails. $24
HTML Email Archiver for Outlook Export e-mail messages, contacts and other items into a HTML\CHM archive. $49
Mail Merge Toolkit Improve mail merging in Microsoft Office. $24
MAPILab NNTP for Outlook Newsgroup support for Microsoft Outlook. $24
MAPILab Toolbox An ultimate set of 18 Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003 add-ins. $24
Print Tools for Outlook Automatically prints messages and attachments. $24
Quick Templates for Outlook The add-in helps to enter frequently repeated text fragments to a message body. $24
Send Personally Send Outlook 2000-2003 message to many recipients personally $24

You see that standard total cost for all our add-ins - $392. All abovementioned products can be purchased as the MAPILab "All-inclusive" Package only for $149.

Why do you need MAPILab "All-inclusive" Package for Microsoft Outlook?

  1. You can quickly solve the bigger part of the problems that periodically occur or might appear during the active work with Microsoft Outlook.
  2. You obtain solutions that will help you to automate routine operations and discover new potentials of Microsoft Outlook.
  3. You donít have to make several orders of different add-ins for various situations. You will get all add-ins in one order, included in one package.
  4. You will spend $149 instead of $392 and save more than 60%!

This special offer was closed June 1, 2006.

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