Author: MAPILab

How to find duplicate emails in Public Folders on Exchange Server

Annoyed with hundreds of duplicate messages in your Exchange public folders? Automatic methods of removal are useless in this case, as Outlook client does not receive notifications of new messages in public folders. Instead, you can use Duplicate Email Remover by MAPILab to get rid of all duplicate messages – even if they are stored in different folders.

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Creation of reply templates from emails in Outlook

Writing a lot of standard replies can be a piece of cake – or a real pain in the neck, depending on which tools you use. Here you will find a simple step-by-step guide to creating reply templates from emails with the use of a MAPILab add-in called Quick Templates for Outlook. With this hassle-free solution there’s no need for copy-pasting anymore!

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Top Outlook add-ins from MAPILab to increase your daily productivity

Surely, active users of Outlook appreciate its vast range of features. However, they are pretty well aware of its limitations, too. To overcome these limitations, it is often enough to install a couple of well-integrated third-party add-ins, for instance, MAPILab ones. For you to make the most of your Outlook, we are offering this brief overview of our most useful tools.

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