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15. Dezember 2004

New product: MAPILab Toolbox

MAPILab Toolbox

We are glad to present you a new ultimate day-to-day tool for your Microsoft® Outlook® — MAPILab Toolbox. We have created really necessary product which includes the set of existing and new add-ins for high-performance and convenient activity.

The brief of MAPILab Toolbox components:

  1. File Fetch — receive any files from your computer through e-mail by request.
  2. File Send Automatically — will "keep an eye" on the specified files and as soon as they get changed will send them.
  3. Attachments Forget — remind to attach the promised file to you message.
  4. Email Scheduler — allow to plan the messages sending.
  5. Task Email Scheduler — plan the messages' sending using special keywords.
  6. Email Reminder — get the reminder about the meetings and tasks to your pager, cell phone or PDA.
  7. Batched Mail — specify the interval for the messages sending and the maximum number of the messages to be sent during an hour.
  8. Contacts Journaling — be enable journaling for all contacts in all folders at once.
  9. Mailing List Service — store the addresses in the files of various formats, add them to the address book, contacts or mail list.
  10. Message AutoFill — automate filling of fields in new message.

Ten absolutely different plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook in one package at the price of one! Only $20 untill January, 15!

And moreover: all the MAPILab Toolbox updates are free for a year, so you will have 7-12 additional plug-ins to those ten!

Do you want to know more about MAPILab Toolbox? Or download and test it? You can do it on products homepage.


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