MAPILab Reports for Exchange Server key features:

  • Flexible filter system
    There is no special “Number of faxes the accounting department received last month” report designed in the product. But it is possible to take the “Weekly inbound message flows” report, specify filters [Sender first (last) name = Fax Service] and [Recipient department = Accounting] and get the necessary data. The “Incoming message flow” report offers more than 30 filters which allow for constructing a lot of specific reports.
  • Extensive compatibility
    The product is compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, in mixed environments, where the different server versions are present, and also with all versions of Exchange Server, including Small Business Server 2003, Small Business Server 2008 and Windows Business Essentials 2008.
  • Agentless data collection
    All data is collected remotely, without installation of software agents on monitored servers and workstations and without remote execution of code. Therefore, the product execution is highly simple and safe. WMI, HTTP, WebDAV and other protocols are used for data collection.
  • 30-days trial period
    During the trial period you have the opportunity of complete product test without any functional limitations.
  • Easy setup and implementation
    Following the Deployment Wizard scenario you are able to customize the product and execute the first data collection. After the Wizard activity is finished, the product is ready to form the reports.
  • MMC console
    The console used to set up data collection and generate reports is a Microsoft Management Console snap-in, which allows you to include it in the existing snaps-ins of IT employees. The license for the product does not restrict the number of consoles which can be installed and used.
  • Automatic generation of reports
    Reports can be created from the console using the report wizard, or be automatically generated by schedule. After creating a report, MAPILab Reports can save it to a disk, publish it on the FTP or SharePoint, send it by email in any of the supported open formats (HTML, Excel, PDF, CSV, TIFF, PNG, etc.) or the internal MPRD format, where further operations such as data filtering, sorting and changing the visual schemes can be performed.
  • Adjustable reports design
    The product includes the report designer which allows for changing the report arrangement and appearance and the visual scheme editor used for easy creation of custom report profiles, defining the report elements style with, for example, company logo, corporate color scheme, and specific fonts. The generated profile may be applied to all product reports and may be set as the default profile.
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