What is MAPILab Reports for Exchange Server needed for:

  • Analysis of contents.
    Mailbox and public folder content analysis allows to define the violations of email use and decrease the Exchange infrastructure ownership costs. For example, “Attachment file extensions in mailboxes” and “Attachment file extensions by mailboxes” reports allow defining the number and size of MP3 and AVI files in user mailboxes, resulting in explanatory lectures and cleaning the drive space occupied by such attachments.
  • Efficient use of resources.
    Many companies run into the growth of boxes and storages number resulting in the performance decrease, increase of hardware expenses, quotas changes. For example, “Controlled folder size by servers” and " Controlled folder size by mailboxes" reports allow to correct the file storage policy for such folders like Deleted Items or Junk Mail.
  • Compliance with regulations/policies.
    Who among staff violates the rules? The "Outbound messages by sender" report will identify staff members ignoring the rules of document publishing, and regularly sending voluminous documents by e-mail. The same report with a filter for messages on the Internet will identify staff that send a disproportionate number of messages and find out why: an infected computer sending spam or excessive communications with non-business contacts.
  • Migration and upgrades.
    Updating the messaging or backup systems requires accurate forecasting of storage growth. Weekly archive growth by the server will provide accurate data.
  • Business analytics.
    Reports by a department and organizational unit help to better understand the specific requirements of user groups to the message exchange system. The size of mailboxes by department provides a quantitative foundation for determining quota policy, and Use of Outlook Web Access by department helps manage software licenses better.
  • Security Audit.
    The product includes several dozen reports on Exchange security objects. For example, "Access permissions for mailboxes" and "Access permissions for mailbox subfolders" identify users who have the right to read other users’ mailboxes and folders and clarify the reasons for granting such rights.
  • Accidents investigation.
    A group of e-mail traffic reports allowing, among other things, to identify contacts of an employee or a group of employees, determine the intensity of correspondence with those contacts, and, using Received and sent messages, determines its nature.
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