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MAPILab Reports for Domain Security

Current version: 1.0

MAPILab Reports for Domain Security is a software solution for reporting about domain security of organization. The product includes over 40 reports.

Report categories:

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  • Computers. List of computers, hardware, installed OS, computers shutdowns, local services and scheduled tasks.
  • Computer Events. Computers work time, log entries and their numbers, event logs details.
  • Groups. Active Directory groups and subgroups, including nesting, subordination and membership details.
  • Passwords. Users with expired or never expired passwords, changed passwords, NULL passwords.
  • Printers. Printers on the computers, printers permissions.
  • File Shares. List of shared folders on the computers, their permissions, NTFS permissions.
  • Users. Users and their accounts, last logons, etc.

Product usage:

Security Audit. The product includes several reports on domain security issues. For example, the reports about share folders and permissions identify users who have the authority to access to shared data and folders and clarify the matter of shared data.

Compliance with regulations/policies. With the variety of rules, policies, requirements and standards applied in various organizations, the range of reports in the product allows to solve basic compliance issues.

Retrieving data. The answers to many questions cannot be obtained with standard administrative snap-ins. For example, to find out when a user last logged on to the network, you need to aggregate data from all domain controllers. The product includes reports that fill such gaps.

Key features:

  • Agentless data collection.
    All data is collected remotely, without installation of software agents on monitored servers and workstations and without remote execution of code. Therefore, product execution is extremely simple and safe.
  • 30-days trial period.
    During the trial period you have the opportunity of the complete product test without any functional limitations.
  • MMC console.
    The console used to set up data collection and generate reports is a Microsoft Management Console snap-in, which allows you to include it in the existing snaps-ins of IT employees.
  • Automatic generation of reports.
    Reports can be created from the console using the report wizard, or be automatically generated according to a schedule.
  • Adjustable report design.
    The product includes a report designer, which allows you to change the report arrangement and appearance, and a visual scheme editor used for easy creation of custom report profiles, defining the report element style.

Download Trial Version

You can download free trial version of MAPILab Reports for Domain Security (21259 KB) and test it before purchasing.

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Ordering Information

A trial version of MAPILab Reports for Domain Security has no limitations. But if you would like to use this software after the 30 days evaluation period a registration is required. You can order the fully licensed version of MAPILab Reports for Domain Security over the Internet with any major credit card.


License typeUSD
50-user license    $300
100-user license    $500
500-user license    $1750
1000-user license    $2800
5000-user license    $10000

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* If you are interested in purchasing more than 5000-user license, volume prices are available, please contact our sales team.

Download MAPILab Reports for Domain Security Download 30-day version MAPILab Reports for Domain Security (21259 KB) of
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