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MAPILab Groupware Server licenses details

In order to legally access this server software, a Client Access License (CAL) is required.
The Client Access License is the license that gives a user the right to access the MAPILab Groupware Server. The Server-side software is distributed for free, but the number of devices that can legally access that server simultaneously is limited to the number of Client Access Licenses purchased for the particular server.

Take a look at the following pictures:

Situation 1. Three CALs are required.

Situation 2. Four CALs are required.

So, if you want to use one MAPILab Groupware Server and all users are connected to this server, you should purchase the number of licenses corresponding to the number of users that will be connected to the server. In our example (situation 1) three Client Access Licenses are required.

If you want to use two MAPILab Groupware Servers and some of the users are connected to several servers, you should purchase the number of licenses corresponding to the number of established connections. In our example two users are connected to one server and one user is connected to two servers. Such configuration requires four Client Access Licenses (situation 2).

The Client Access licenses can be purchased separately and you can buy additional licenses as soon as they are required.

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We are a non-profit homeowners association and have been trying your groupware product on five of our machines here, and the staff really like it. The shared PST file concept is a real winner.

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