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20. Juli 2003

MAPIStore.Com counts 30.000 unique visitors!

Today, MAPIStore.Com unique visitors counter hit at 30,000. In comparison to multi-categorical file archives, attracting thousands and even dozens of thousands of unique visitors per day, this number stands pretty humble. Our file archive was launched in testing mode in early May, 2003 reaching 1000 unique visitors a day level in mid July without any serious advertising supplement.

By the end of July all major archive programming tasks should be over as well as all primary content should be re-organized over several categories. Starting August, 2003 we plan to bring MAPIStore.Com to fully operational state with expected growth of unique visitors per day up to 4 to 6 thousands by late September, 2003. Starting this date, the archive will work on commercial basis. Until that date all ads (except for Google AdWords) are placed at no charge; pricing for ads placement will be available by the end of August, 2003.


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