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Wie sind Sicherheitseingabeaufforderung in Microsoft® Visual Basic® Programmen für Microsoft® Outlook zu vermeiden

The components for work with MAPI

As a matter of fact, there is only one component worth telling about in this section: Redemption by Dmitri Steblechenko ( Currently, there are no other components, and even the great SlipStick contains no other references but to Redemption:

  • However, under a request of a friend of us, we've made a small component for easy reading of MAPI properties from Visual Basic for him. The component MAPIProp takes as little as 25 Kb on disc, and it is distributed for free together with source codes in Visual C++ 6.0 and examples in JScript, VBScript, Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic .NET. You can download the component from the following web-page:

  • Besides the MAPI initialization functions, the component contains methods for reading object properties, reading great-volume values (like PR_BODY) and transparent reading of compressed features (like PR_RTF_COMPRESSED). The component return the property values in the form "native" for Visual Basic, so you won't have to bother about converting ANSI-strings into a VB-string.

    Though, what shall one do, if, for example, he needs to get the list of message recipients? This list cannot be obtained through IMessage properties, as it exists as a separate table. One may try using the function HrGetRecipientList, as it has been described above, but work with complicated structures containing references is not a strong point of Visual Basic. So, Redemption library will be a reasonable solution.

    That library, like OutlookSpy, is a shareware product, however, its capabilities are times greater the capabilities of our library, if can be compared at all any way.

    Redemption offers alternative implementations for all Outlook objects, which properties are locked by the security system. Thus, for MailItem Redemption has SafeMailItem (which methods are not blocked by the security system), for ContactItem there is SafeContactItem, etc. Besides, Redemption has a special object MAPIUtils, which contains over a dozen of methods for work with MAPI, including methods for reading and writing MAPI properties.

    Redemption has been known for years and, like OutlookSpy, it is a must-have product for any software designer intending to create

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