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Attachments Processor for Outlook

Attachments Processor for Outlook

Current version: 4.4.3

Attachment Processor is the most powerful and multifunctional addon for Microsoft Outlook for managing of attached files.

THREE-IN-ONE solution

This addon for Microsoft Outlook includes the functionality of three products:

Attachments Processor: allows extracting attachments from the incoming messages and save them to your hard disk (extracted attachments are replaced in the incoming message with a link to the file on the disk or a text file with an attachment description as well and a link to it); Learn more

Attachments Zip Compressor: allows automatic archiving the attached files by ZIP both for incoming and outgoing messages. It can create self-extracting archives and password-protected archives. Learn more

Blocked Attachments management: utility for managing the list of attachment types, which are blocked by the Outlook security system (only for Internet Mail). Learn more

see complete list of the program features.

Attachment Processor is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook. If you are looking for the same functionality for Microsoft Exchange Server, please try another MAPILab software product Attachment Save for Exchange.

Why should the attached files be processed in the Microsoft Outlook messages?

  • To save space in the mail base (PST-file) or in the server store on Microsoft Exchange;
  • To have the files stored on the protected file server instead of regular message base;
  • To share the attachments with coworkers;
  • To protect the files using password-protected archives;
  • To do not borrow the partners by sending the files which will be blocked by Outlook Security System;
  • To be sure that the sent files will be reached unchanged;
  • For easy search the files and data stored there.
  • To do not take in mind which files should be packed (because huge) and which do not;
  • To protect myself from receiving the files which would be blocked by Outlook Security;
  • To do not have a deal with received ZIP files (unzip it automatically).

Attachments Processor is one of a number of outlook add-ins that works both with Microsoft Exchange server and Internet Mail (POP3). Unsecured attachments blocked by the Microsoft Outlook security system can be saved on the hard drive and also there is an utility for managing the list of attachment types, which are blocked by the Outlook security system (only for Internet Mail). The program works both in manual and automatic modes.

Saving your time seems to be valuable achievement both for companies and internet users. Handling with you e-mail you can spend hours to arrange your messages and attachments. Currently you're lucky to benefit from best solution we provide.

Attachment Processor is an innovative addon for Microsoft Outlook ideal for managing of attached files. As you see this program has a lot of advantages in comparison with other utilities. Using it you can easily extract and remove email attachments saving your time and efforts. Operating automatically Attachment Processor program is dedicated to dealing with specific tasks on e-mails. Due to multiple functions of outlook attachment extractor you can extract and remove all attachments to disk and copy e-mails to other Outlook folders. Helping you to extract and share the attachments with coworkers Attachment Processor has been an essential program for office employees. Optimize your e-mail work and let it be done automatically.


Additional information

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Frequently Asked Questions about attachments processor tool for Microsoft Outlook

Question: None of my rules grabs attched files from incomming messages and saves them to disk? Any idea on what could be wrong?


  • Please check your attachments processor add-in rule settings under the "General" tab: the rule should be specified either for incoming, or for outgoing messages - this setting is critical, and the rule will not work without it. Under the "General" tab, you can also specify all folders you need to be processed. Please note: messages in the "Sent Items" will be also processed with the rule set for "Incoming messages". To process your messages in "Outbox" - you will need to create a separate rule (switch the add-in to the Advanced mode) for outgoing messages.
  • With the default rule settings, Attachment Processor doesn't change messages. It only saves (copies) attachments to disk (%User%\Documents\My Email Attachments). If you'd like to replace attached files - either with shortcuts (.lnk files), or with the text description (.txt files) - please configure that in the add-in settings: activate attachments deletion and choose one of these actions under the "Other" tab of the add-in rule settings. After enabling this option, the add-in will start replacing attachments with links, or text descriptions.

Question: Is it possible to set up a rule on Attachments Processor for Outlook to replace all mailbox attachments with links that are attached to messages which are say one year old or more? This would be very useful in being able to have direct & ready access to recent files attached to emails whilst still being able to access older email attachments by clicking on the links?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. If you'd like to process attachments in outlook messages based on receiving date - you could involve regular Outlook Search Folders feature into this process: since AP supports working with the Search folders, you can configure filtering by date in that search folder, and after that, specify in the AP rule only that folder - so AP will only process messages which are filtered into that "folder" (you most probably know that in "Search Folders", messages are merely displayed - but they are kept in their "original" Outlook folders).

Question: We are in the process of migrating our in house email to a hosted platform. We have used the attachments processor inconsistently for the past several years and we now need to recover the attachments that have been removed from email back into the information store prior to migrating the email. What do I need to do to the attachments processor to recover previously stripped attachments?

Answer: Please note some detail: shortcuts in your messages are attached .lnk files. If you save any of those .lnk attachments to disk - you will be able to see in the Properties of that link (it looks like and is the regular Windows shortcut) the path to the file. So, you could perform further operations with your messages and detached files taking into account this information (i.e. that the shortcut is valid if the path to the file is valid in its properties). After moving detached files to the new directory, you can run the option "Update links" to update links to these files in the messages. This option is available in the menu "Tools" under the "General" tab of the Attachments Processor Options. And after correcting paths (if neccessary) - to restore your extracted files back to messages - use the option "Restore Attachments deleted by AP".

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I have around 30GB worth of pst and OST files. This software has gotten me out of a jam multiple times.

Michael Reekie

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