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Please do not use this form if you need technical support for MAPILab products.

Technical Support

The MAPILab Ltd. Company offers our customers two technical support programs: Standard and Premium.

  • Standard Support Program includes supporting by online support module on our web-site and fax.
  • Premium Support Program allows you to contact us using online Live Help, Phone, Instant Messanges system, Remote desktop connection. To learn more about Support Programs click here.

Addresses for postal mail

Please, do not use these addresses for Purchase Orders, Invoices, Checks and other financial forms. They will not be reviewed and accepted.

Canadian address:
Pacific Business Centre
#101 - 1001 W. Broadway
Suite 381
Vancouver, BC V6H 4E4
Russian address:
2-309, Garazhnaya str.
Postal index 236029,
Russian Federation

Fax number

U.S. toll free fax number: 1-419-8210730