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Premium Support Service

Premium Support Service

The ways of technical support that are included into the Premium Support Service allow to solve a problem or get an answer in a very short period of time. The personal contact with an employee of the technical support department or an employee of the marketing department gives you a possibility to describe your problem in the most exact way and get the most qualified answer. Premium Support includes the following kinds of technical support:

  1. support via Live Help. The on-line system that works in real-time mode and is represented as a chat-session in which two people participate: client and technical support employee. Live Help is available on workdays from 7:00 till 19:00 GMT.
  2. support via Instant Messages systems is available on workdays from 7:00 till 18:00 GMT (from 3am till 20:00 EST). In order to use this kind of technical support, you should leave a request with the date, time and the name of Instant Messages system, by means of which an employee of technical support can contact you. It is possible to use ICQ, Windows or MSN Messenger, Skype. If you don't use any of the abovementioned systems, please, specify the name of the program using which we can contact you.
  3. support via Remote desktop connection. The given system allows the technical support employee to connect to the desktop of our computer and configure the system or solve a problem together with you. This current way of technical support is available on workdays from 7:00 till 19:00 GMT. In order to use this kind of technical support, you should leave a request with the date, time and way to contact you for establishing the remote connection.
  4. Phone support. You can contact us by means of the toll-free number in the USA: 1-877-MAPILAB (1-877-6274522). The telephone support is available on workdays from 7:00 till 19:00 GMT. Please, be prepared to specify the registration code of the Premium Support service after the operator's response.

In order to use these kinds of technical support, it is necessary to purchase the Premium Support service. It can be bought both separately and together with the purchase of products of MAPILab Ltd.

By obtaining the Premium Support service, you get a registration code, which will allow you to use all real-time ways of technical support. The support is carried out in Russian, German and English.

Ordering Information

License typeUSD
One-hour license    30
Three-hour license    90
Five-hour license    150

Please note that the minimum package of services for products for Microsoft Exchange Server includes five hours.

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