Extends features of Mail Merge and allows to create really personal messagesMail Merge Toolkit

Microsoft Outlook, Word and Publisher add-in to Mail Merge with personal attachments. Allows to choose message format (HTML, RTF, Plain Text) and selecting account for sending messages.
Delete duplicate email messages in OutlookDuplicate Email Remover

Easy and powerful Outlook plugin to delete duplicated messages and posts. Works with outlook folders (PST), Exchange server mailboxes (OST), Exchange Public folders.
Remove duplicate contacts, tasks, calendar items, journal entries, notes.Duplicates Remover for Outlook

Plugin for Outlook which deletes duplicate contacts, tasks, calendar items, journal entries and notes. Searches for duplicates in specified folders or across the folders.
Advenced plugins to add more power to Microsoft Outlook"All-inclusive" Outlook Add-ins Package

Save 45% and get more than 30 Outlook Add-ins together in the MAPILab "All-inclusive" Package. You can quickly solve the bigger part of the problems that periodically occur or might appear during the active work with Microsoft Outlook.
Send bulk emails with a single clickSend Personally

This outlook plugin offers an easy way to send personalized bulk emails. Create a template message with a list of recipients in the TO: field, the plugin will send separate, personal messages to each one.
Set of 21 plugin to add more power to Microsoft OutlookMAPILab Toolbox for Outlook

21 add-in improve Outlook and automate a lot of routine operations: Message AutoFill; E-mail Scheduler; Attachments Forget; Find and Replace; Send if approved; etc. Get all details on the product homepage.
Save email attachments in Outlook automaticallyAttachments Processor for Outlook

Outlook add-in to reduce size of Outlook data file and speed up Outlook performance. Create rules to automatically delete attachments, save attachments or replace the attachments with a shortcut to the saved file.
Automatically print Outlook emails messages with attachmentsPrint Tools for Outlook

Print Tools is an Outlook add-in that will help you automatically print incoming and outgoing emails with attachments (as well as messages and attachments separately) without even opening them.
Fast insertion of text templates into Outlook mail messagesQuick Templates for Outlook

This Outlook add-in will help you with entering frequently repeated text fragments, Outlook templates will save the time you spend on message writing, and so help with decreasing the number of misprints in your messages.

More Outlook add-ins and Outlook plugins:

Actual Contacts for Outlook

Actual Contacts is an add-in to update and validate Outlook contacts. With the help of this add-in you can send personal messages with contact’s data which is stored in your Outlook and allows to your respondents to verify and update the data. The respondent can correct data in received form and send the message back to you and Actual Contacts will enter new data into the corresponding contact automatically. Add Contacts

With a help of this add-on you can automatically store name and email address of message sender or recipient into Outlook Contacts. Also you can process the messages which you received or sent out earlier and store your respondents in your Contacts. E-mail Follow-Up

Add-in for Microsoft Outlook which notifies you when the reply to your message is not sent in specified time and allows you to send a follow-up message to remind the recipient of initial message about the reply which you are waiting for. HTML Email Archiver for Outlook

HTML Email Archiver is a unique add-in for Outlook working with all types of Microsoft Outlook folders and used for a wide range of tasks: archiving into a platform-independent HTML format or platform-dependent CHM format, publishing Microsoft Outlook folders on the Internet, moving data from Microsoft Outlook onto other software and hardware platforms, including mobile devices. Live Signatures

Live Signatures automatically inserts Text, Date, Time or even RSS Feeds into the outgoing messages. It can also be used to insert Corporate signature or Text phrases from specified text file into the outgoing messages. MAPILab NNTP for Outlook

MAPILab NNTP is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that allows you to read and post messages to newsgroups from Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2003 and 2002/XP. Advanced Folders Watch

Monitors new mail messages and posts appearing in Microsoft Outook folders and public folders on Microsoft Exchange Server. A wide set of filters, passive and/or active user notifications. Works as an add-in to Microsoft Outlook. Advanced Security for Outlook

This Outlook add-in allows you to prevent displaying of Outlook Security Warnings and set the action which will be applied automatically for each product which causes these warnings. You can select one of the permanent actions which will be used for this program: allow or block access or do nothing and show you the default Microsoft Outlook handler.

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