Send Personally for Microsoft Outlook Send Personally for Outlook

A proven Outlook mass email add-in that not only provides true bulk mailouts in Outlook but also enables high-level personalization in your mailings: you can send individual emails to a great number of recipients via Microsoft Outlook seamless and easily!

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Top reasons to perform mass mailing in Outlook with Send Personally

Outlook mass email tool

True Outlook mass email tool

Send hundreds of messages as easy as one email!
Personalized emails from Outlook

Personalized emails in Outlook

Make your mailouts really personalized!
Hide recipients in Outlook emails

Hiding recipients in Outlook emails

Just one recipient in ‘To’ field of email!

Create the Outlook message as you usually would, apply the distribution list and just click ‘Send Personally’ button instead of native ‘Send’ one.

Perform bulk mailing in Outlook but provide a personal greeting for each recipient: name; surname or email address.

Even if you are sending a message to an entire list of recipients, only one contact will be displayed in the ‘To’ field.

Why mass mailing in Outlook with the Send Personally add-in guarantees the best results

Keep html-formatting in Outlook emails Don’t let Outlook modify your HTML emails

Insert HTML code (created in a separate application) into the body of an email and Send Personally will execute sending without allowing Outlook to reformat or modify your HTML in any way. Your email will be properly displayed in any email client or on any device on the recipient’s side. Find detailed information in the related article.

  Don't share names and emails of email recipients Maintain security when issuing mailouts

Don’t share all email addresses and contact information from your distribution list to all your recipients by displaying these details in email header. Recipients will not get the details of your distribution list whether it contains private or commercial data.

Reply-to-all protection Protection from 'reply-to-all' mistakes

Imagine you have sent email to your distribution list using the built-in Send option in Outlook. One recipient replies using the ‘Reply all’ button… and the reply is delivered to all the recipients in the distribution list. Protection from such incidents – sending an individual message to each contact – is provided using the Send Personally add-in.

  Personal greeting for each recipient on Outlook mailout Enrich your email messages with personal data

You can use macros (special expressions automatically replaced by the recipient's personal data when sending a message) in the message text. Using macros, you can insert the recipient's name, e-mail address, as well as the name of the Outlook distribution list containing his/her address into a message at the time of sending.

Reduce a size of sent email in Outlook Reduce size of email header

If a message is sent to hundreds of recipients, its heading size might be several times larger than the size of the message text and the attachments together. Send Personally generates individual message to each recipient from the distribution list, so the mail header will be OK.

  Outlook add-in decreases a chance to deliver email to junk folder Your mailing won’t end up in junk

When you perform mass mailing in Outlook, anti-spam tools on recipient side may identify your mail as spam owing to the numerous recipients in the email header. You can significantly decrease the chance of having your message junked by mailing with Send Personally: there is only one address in ‘To’ field.

Take a look inside Send Personally for Outlook

  • Start using Outlook add-in in one click
    You only need one button to start working!

    The only thing you need to know about how to use this product is the "Send Personally" button located in Outlook ribbon. Click this button instead of the regular "Send" to issue your mailout with all the features of Send Personally.

  • Insert HTML in Outlook emails
    Insert HTML in a unique feature!

    Send Personally offers you the only way to leave the HTML body your message unchanged during Outlook’s sending process. This means that you can be sure that the recipient will see message exactly as you created it.

  • Personal emails in Outlook
    Send Outlook emails with true personalization!

    The five macros presented by Send Personally allow you to enrich your email message with personal greetings to your addressee. Use these macros to give your messages a real, personal touch.


User Testimonials
I have used MAPILab's Outlook Add-In products for years! Send Personally and Subscription Manager are a great duo to send newsletters and mass mailings. They are very easy to use and have allowed us to cancel a subscription to an on-line service to provide newsletters.

Deb Hermann

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