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Mail Merge Toolkit

Have been using this product for a couple of weeks, and have found it fantastic! Can now overcome limitation of Microsoft Outlook/Word, and send bulk personalised emails with attachments and copying in a second recipient (neither of which you can do without it I found). Great product, thank you.
Leanne Robinson, Training Manager

I am totally thrilled with my two recent purchases from MAPILab! I purchased Mail Merge Toolkit in order to create customized mass email/fax blasts and also installed MAPILab Toolbox so that the emails would not trip our ISP's usage boundaries. The programs are working beautifully, just as we needed them to - but I am also writing to compliment MAPILab for the fabulous technical support that I needed when we had a problem with the initial setup. Ivan is great! Thank you for the excellent software, and for being there for your customers!
Elizabeth Van Ness
Barks Publications, Inc

I love the Mail Merge tool kit. It makes my life so much easier here in the Provost Office at the University of Kansas!

The mail merge option is so useful for attachments. Without it, we wouldn't be able to integrate Outlook, ContactMonkey, and mail merge for email tracking.

The Mail Merge Toolkit has been absolutley amazing! It allows me to quickly customize the information that goes to our new employees and to CC their manager. It has save me so much time!
Michelle Gorka
Chase Park Plaza

I invoked the power of the Mail Merge Toolkit 5 years ago because of the shortcomings of Microsoft's Merge feature set for emails in Office 2003. Unbelievably, two major versions of Office later, I'm still using it today... and still recommending it to others! Frankly, I can't believe your intuitive (and, to my mind, obviously needed) features haven't been incorporated into MS Office by now.
Bryan Jones
LeeSar, Inc

Mail Merge Toolkit saved me hours of retyping personalized emails.
Marijan Loncar
Home Art Sales & Services

We are an adoption agency in the US and you have helped me and others at our organization work more efficiently. Your outlook tools help us create better mail merges and reminders to our clients. In a sense, you are helping kids get adopted, and that is an awesome thing! Thank you!
Dan Peters

Really nice and convenient - the mail merge toolkit is top-class and does everything that the built in MS function can't do!
Rags Bal

Using your Mail Merge toolkit to streamline customer notifications.
Ryan Valdesuso

I love the Mail Merge Toolkit. It has proved to be a real time saver in my job, and helped me to be more productive.
Katie Bovitz
Portland Housing Center

The Mail Merge Toolkit is very useful for sending email merges to our students on campus.
Matt Kingston
Barnard College

Greatest tool to add attachments to mail. Super product.
John Pollak

The Mail Merge toolkit has saved us countless hours of emailing individuals with specific information with attachments - both generic and specific! I can't thank you enough for being so proactive in the field!

Mail Merge toolkit saved me hours and hours of emailing individuals with specific information with attachments in pdf. Great Addon.
Rafael Rodrigues

Saves a lot of time and is very perfect in execution!!!
Krishna Rao G

Thank you and our students will thank you as well. We serve thousands of students across America ensuring they have access to AP courses and encourage them to pursue careers in STEM one day one or more of them could be your programmers!

Mail Merge Toolkit is a significant time-saver for our team. We send emails daily to multiple locations with unique file attachments which used to require considerable time. More importantly, when we run into issues with the product (rare and usually the result of something we changed or missed) MAPILab customer support is what you expect but rarely receive these days; professional, courteous and quick. Thanks MAPILab!
Rick Dumais, Div. Direct and eMarketing Dir.
The Salvation Army

Thank you for your great product. We just sent out our first batch of school reports, all with different attachments etc. Our admin staff were ecstatic.
Peter de Lisle, Academic Director
Inanda Seminary

Love the Mail Merge Toolbox!

Mail Merge Toolkit Pro is an excellent add-on that I have wanted for so long. I have to send a group of 20 people personalized and sensitive documents on a monthly basis, and doing this by post, or trying to attach the right pdf to the right email was an expensive nightmare. This worked first time, 'out of the box', as one would hope. It should be part of the Microsoft product!
Michael Raymond

This tool has reduced our workload time from 8 days to 8 hours. Easy to access. Loved it!!. Special thanks to the Sales team for supporting Nonprofit organizations for special discounts.
Prashanth Nampelli, Program Manager
The Deverakonda Foundation

This product made attaching personalized PDF's to a mailout super simple. It's a great product.
Cherelyn Gillson, Marketing Coordinator

The Mail Merge Toolkit is the best user-friendly application that you can found for Mail Merge. You can do the following actions easily: personalize email content; personalize CC and BCC (I also used semicolon for more people that I want to reach in a column and it worked.); personalize attachment (the best part of it); quickly send mail and easily adapt with Outlook. The license that you buy will be sent in less than a minute, and it's a lifetime deal so you get the use forever. You won't buy again each year. Thanks to all of you guys for being a part of this product and share with us. :)
Mecit Orta

After spending hours writing my own app using Excel and Outlook, I stumbled upon using WORD to send emails, feature that I was aware of but had overlooked for some time. Personalizing emails worked great, but for one feature. As it stands WORD does not allow you to attach, for example, PDF files. But Mail Merge Toolkit has answered my prayers as it is now possible to cover all bases: Send personalised emails, and with single or multiple attachments. Highly recommended.
User review from

Previously I was a user of Send Personally but this is a big improvement to me. Now able to send mail to my customer maintain their product and on the name of a contact person. It's boosted my communication and the open rate of my mail. Thanks for the great tool.
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Ive been using Mail Merge Toolkit since 2019. That's a very helpful add-on. As an accountant, I have to send out a statement for each debtor every month. MS Outlook does not support mail merge with PDF file attached, but Mail Merge Toolkit do it. Instead of sending an e-mail one at a time, now I'm sending in bulk. It really reduced my extra hours. Highly recommended!
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Before I found the Mail Merge Toolkit, Word Email Merge was lacking a few features. The Mail Merge Toolkit has been a life-saver, and it works exactly as advertised. The two features I use regularly are the Custom Subject line from a merge element, as well as BCC address. For the reasonable one-time price, Mail Merge Toolkit is worth every penny.
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Mail merging might not be the latest big thing but it remains a highly effective way to automate mailing out to your address book and Mail Merge Toolkit helps fill in the functionality gaps that Microsoft for some bizarre reason hasn't added. It's odd but MS haven't really improved the mail merge functionality across Office for years so it's great that an add-on like this exists that IS being updated. I've found it's a mature and stable add-on that just does the job.You won't regret buying it.
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It is like a kind of Swiss Army Knives Tool for Outlook.
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This mail merge toolkit outlook standard edition is already good enough for me to do the following: personalize email subject, personalize email content with custom field, add personalized attachment (this is really useful to me). One good thing, since it uses outlook, I can use my own mail server to send the mail which does not need to worry about the sending limit. The follow-up mail becomes a lot easier as well.
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I am in the process of supporting a large federal contract and have decided on using mail merge to provide some of the mandatory reporting that is required for this contract. I have a macro that generates the required data in an Excel sheet, which then becomes the data source for my mail merge process. It works fine but the mail merge that comes with Word is very dated. I don't believe it has changed much in the past...umpteen years that it has been around. Because of this, it's not very flexible. So when I saw this tool I was shocked. I didn't think anyone even used mail merge let alone supported new development in this space. I've been pleasantly surprised at the new capabilities this tool brings to this space. AND I just found out that they've released yet another update that allows you to specify the "reply to" email address. I can't wait to try it as that will improve my overall process significantly. Also, I didn't know this until recently, but they also have an entire suite of utilities available on their website. I even used one of their Excel compare utilities. These people clearly know how to build quality tools for people who need to roll up their sleeves and get things done. (I'm trying hard to not be one of these people but I'm not there yet. :-) )
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I did the free trial of the toolkit and found it did exactly what I needed to do. The install was easy, and the user interface is well designed. I was so impressed with free trial that I purchased the product.
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This Mail Merge Toolkit comes at the exact right time. As a teacher and manager, I use Outlook very often and this brings the tools to do much more with merging than the standard Office brings me. Thanks and enjoying this very much!
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I send out a lot of mail merge emails and I have yet to find a solution that gives you the most options like Mail Merage toolkit. These are just feature Microsoft should have included. Once you go Mail Merge Toolkit, there is no turning back.
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Superb software that lets you do mail merge with flexibility! Highly recommend it to anyone!
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I love this tool. Mail Merge Toolkit allows me to create personalized mass mailings quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, I love that I don't need to download any other software to use the app. It works seamlessly in Microsoft Office. I can't recommend this app enough for anyone who needs to generate personalized mailings. It's great!
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Have used your product Mail Merge Toolkit PRO and found it very useful. Personalised attachment in form of PDF works flawlessly. Great product.
Awadhesh Pandey
IndianOil Corporation Ltd

This product makes working so much easier! I send tons of emails a day and I don't know what I would do without this Mail Merge Toolkit.

Just what We were looking for. We wanted to send annual hike letters to our employees in a secure way. Generating secured PDFs with disabling print option is great.
Prashant Naik
Tricon Infotech

I just wanted to let you know that your Mail Merge Toolkit has just solved a long-standing problem at my company. We have Office (Word and Outlook). We were unable to do an e-mail merge from Word because of the mismatched versions. With your toolkit, we are now able to create letters sent to approx. 200 people every month in our organization that previously we were having to produce by hand. Thank you so much!! You've made me look like a star!
Toni Broaddus, Travel Accounting Analyst
PepsiCo Financial Shared Services

I wanted to send out a pdf file to the people regsitered on my site. I asked my IT man how you do it. He scratched his head and I looked on Google. I found The MAPI Mail Merge Toolkit and it worked a dream. Within a couple of minutes I was able to attach files and send them using mail merge. Many thanks. Great product!
John Sadler
Nuclear Careers Online

Having purchased Mail Merge Toolkit. I have now distributed my first mass (well 500!) emails using MMT to include PDF files as attachments. This software works seemlessly inside MS Word and is simplicity itself to use. I have waited in vain for Microsoft to include this feature in Office products and now for a minimal price my wishes have come true. Congratulations to your development team!
John Barlow

Duplicate Email Remover

Duplicate Email Remover is a really great product! We had to migrate over to Outlook from Outlook Express, via some third party software, which resulted in our having many duplicate emails. DER sorted this out easily! Thanks so much to all at MAPILab!
Robert Vallier, President

I have been using this product since 2007 and cant live without it, I archive all my email each year in a pst, and at the end of the year I remove all duplicates and compact the pst. Getting rid of all the duplicates really makes the pst smaller in size and easier to look through when searching for a email message.
Brian Kuepper, Information Security Engineer
Wells Fargo

I have many accounts configured in outlook for business purpose and I use this product to remove my duplicate email and i found to be useful.

I have used the duplicate remover for the emails and contacts, comparing it to other products on the market.It is the most accurate as one can specify the search criteria to be used. It is fast and the support is suiperb.
Salem Khalidi

Very good & useful addins for Microsof Outlook. I'm using several of them for years and glad that they are exist and help me daily.
Aleksey Tkachyov

I love MAPILab products... but I love the support I have gotten from the years from Mapilab even more. They have always treated me with such kindness. I will be a live long user of MAPILab.
Allen Prunty
Personal Use

Have always loved your products. Duplicate e-mail remover was a huge help when consolidating my multiple email accounts into one. About to purchase another one of your products.
Brian Alex
Bradleys Inc.

I just wanted to say I love your fantastic easy to use Outlook Duplicate Remover software and heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a solution to this most irritating of issues.
Ray Godwin
Consensus Company

Duplicate Remover is such a great little tool for cleaning up when you have multiple archives, and want to consolidate all your email into one location.
Patrick Madden

I've been using your software most of those 10 years!

We've been using Native POP3 Connector for Exchange 2003 for many years with excellent results. I have also tried Duplicate Email Remover and wasn't disappointed either! We are migrating to Exchange 2010 shortly and will keep on using your superb products. Thank you!
Gaston Consens

I really like the Duplicates merge tool for Outlook. It is very useful, and I'm shocked Microsoft didn't provide a solution to the design flaw in their product that causes all those duplicates.
Michael Pasacrita
Entitle Direct

In general, I find your products very helpful as they fill in gaps not considered by Microsoft. They are fairly unintrusive and don't seem to cause any problems with current software installations or OS.
Kimberli Shipley
DeLine Box and Display

Have reliable and safely got me out of trouble and saved me hours, or even days, of work!
Michael Oram

I've been using your product for years personally. Today, I'm helping a customer with so many duplicate emails in his inbox he was literally pulling his hair out on arrival. Jump to you site and now going to purchase updates for me and a license for him
Dan Seguin
Daniel A. Seguin, IT Consultant

Email Duplicate Remover works as advertised - impressive.
Hollis Tibbetts
Artemis Ventures LLC

I plan to get rid of all duplicate emails in Outlook using your product. I can't wait to implement it! Great products!
Grant Lee
Lee Associates

I tried the trial version of your Duplicate Email Remover and it seemed to work like a charm. Looking forward to using the full version!
Gregory Cloos
Cloos Landscape Architecture

Just try the trail version and found over 3000 emails duplicated. I can't wait to buy the Duplicates Remover which can save a lot of my time for now and future.
Terence Chan
Hotel Bank Travel Co. Ltd.

Love that you were able to help me with removing duplicate emails! Thanks!
Matt Williams

Before I purchased DER, I had nearly 150 GB of email files, comprising nearly half a million separate but often duplicated emails. I figured if I did it manually, one email every six seconds 24/7/365, to go through it all would take 4 months. 8 hours a day straight would have takes more than a year. With DER, though, it only took three days (yes, days) and made everything manageable and archive-able. It was a life-changing experience for me and I am grateful; I continue to recommend your product to everyone. Thank you!
Michael Hemmelgarn, Owner
MHA Tax & Consulting

Really like your duplicate remover, especially when I ended up with over 10,000 duplicate emails when I migrated to a new operating system.

First starting using Duplicate Email Remover in 2008. Cleaned up my home email mess superbly. Now following move to new computer downloading latest version.
Frederick John Medhurst

Been using this product for some time now and it always works flawlessly. I am going to move my license to my new computer as I find this program worth installing onto my new system
Kurt Saldutti, Owner
Audio Arts

Your deduper is awesome!
Jon C. Hodgson

Duplicate Remover is great! I wish I had found it long ago.
William Dell

Thinking of buying Duplicate Email remover - it looks so useful and professional.
Amers Johal

I have been using MAPILab Duplicate Email Remover since 2008. Every few years I reformat my computers and need to clean up all my Outlook emails and PST files. Your software has been a valuable addition to my software toolkit and has done a fantastic (and quick) job of cleaning out the extra junk. Thanks for a great product!
Bob Harbeck

I've managed to create duplicate mail items in my POP3 install of Outlook - Duplicate Email Remover will help me sort it out.
Richard Barnett

I've used several e-mail/contact duplicate removers over the past few years, but none of them compare to MAPILab's Duplicate Remover and Duplicate E-mail Remover. They're reliable and easy to use, but they can be tailored for safe or aggressive cleaning of duplicate e-mail, contact records, and more.
Roy Higginbotham
RBI Toys, Inc.

I love the Duplicate Email Remover. I can't believe that in all of the versions of Outlook MS has released they've never included a feature to weed out duplicate emails/content from PST files. Love your product!

I suffered multiple hard drive crashes - each time leaving me with another fragmented Outlook PST file that I needed to merge and de-dupe! Once I found both of your Outlook Duplicate Remover products, they totally saved my life, my time, and my data. I ran into a similar issue at my last job (accounting) where an external hard drive had critical Outlook data files on it and died because it overheated - MAPILab saved the day for me there as well, and I'm back again to re-purchase/renew my licenses to clean up my PST files at my current job - they're in the process of upgrading our Exchange server to 2013 and I've been getting the same message delivered sometimes as many as 10 times.
David Levine
DHL Tech

I purchased Duplicate Email Remover several years ago and it worked very well. Thank you for building such a great product.
Steve Demore

I just would love to thank you for such an excellent utility, I used it already to delete almost 2000 duplicate emails and it worked very well. In contrast with the other similar utilities, yours has been really developed with criterions and logic, so it makes from it such an excellent tool.
Aref Alsouqi

Very useful!! Works like a charm. The is the solution to removing duplicate emails.
Dave McRobb

Great shortcut for removing duplicates!
Tiffany Weh

Your Duplicate E-mail Remover and Duplicates Remover for Outlook are great!
Roy Higginbotham
RBI Toys, Inc.

I use Duplicate Remover at home to consolidate my overlapping e-mail backups that I have assembled over the years.
Petr Knize
European Commission

Your Duplicate Email Remover saved my life. I had about 80,000 duplicate emails and it was real easy to remove them. Thank you.
Hirsh Mississauga
Optimal Insurance

Duplicate email remover is a GOD-SEND! Thank you SO MUCH for making such an amazing plug-in!!!
Shawn Wool
Golden Guide

Ran trial version of Duplicate Email Remover. It installs properly, runs reasonably fast, allows checks of multiple folders and provides full info about the duplicates. Other competing products failed in one or more of these areas.
Don Walker

Been de-duplicating for decades with MAPILab.
Dr DB Karron

Just wanted to tell you what an awesome product your Duplicates Email Remover for Outlook is! It saved me literally hours of mind-numbing work in migrating from Thunderbird to Outlook 2010. I don't think I would have attempted this without your tool! Thank you! Probably never before have such small tools brought me so much convenience. They are smart, friendly, comfortable, and what is more important - absolutely reliable!
Bruce He

Saves tons of time. Easy to install, easy to use, great product.
Robert Sussan
Institor Inc.

Really useful for cleaning up the mess outlook rules can create!
Benjamin Snow

Tried the free trial version of Duplicate Email Remover and found it be a great product - does what it says it will do in a very flexible way.
David Seton

I use Outlook 2019 and couldn't find another product that worked on it to remove duplicate emails generated by my rules. I used this for 30 days and it was wonderful. Never failed me and took literally seconds if I used it every few days to clean my folders.
Roger Henning

The Duplicate Email Remove is a lifesaver. It just works!
Stephen Harper
Sharper Computer Consulting

Using Duplicate Email Remover to pare down huge public folders.
Robert Marshall
PC Support Services

MAPILab tools are an essential add-in for productivity. I use specifically to maintaining my Outlook running seamlessly.
Luis de la Torre

I started using Duplicate Email Remover with Version 3.2.0 (don't remember what email account I used to buy it with), but I started with Outlook 2013, then Outlook 2016, then moving to Office 365... it has been AMAZING and I have NEVER had to do anything as I upgraded versions of MS Outlook. The best out there, don't look for a cheap alternative...this is the best product you will find for what it does!
Shawn Wool

Absolutely thrilled with this programme. It managed to remove over 8000 duplicate s and in one case 8 versions of the same email. Best ever spent.
Ian Marshall

Impressive! I trialed several tools that claim to remove duplicate emails from Outlook, and this was the only one that worked.
Jason Knowles, Managing Partner
Bastionpoint Technology

I just purchased and tried this software, and I am very happy with the results. Within just a few minutes, I was able to identify and delete nearly 3,000 duplicate emails in my Outlook email folders (other than in my Deleted folder). I then ran the software again on my Deleted folder and identified 2216 duplicate emails within the Deleted folder specifically (most of which had been identified in the first search). I moved the emails from the latter search into a subfolder underneath my Deleted folder so I could inspect them and make sure I really wanted to get rid of them, then I permanently deleted them and compacted my email folder. This was a great way to clean up the digital detritus that had been collected in my Outlook emails over the course of ~24 years of data migrations across numerous computers.
Nathan James Baker

Great product, excellent if you have downloaded 2000 emails twice! Even better customer service. Many thanks!
David Broome, Owner
Flight Crew Shop

I'll bet even those who shouldn't be using a computer could figure out how to install and use this product. Amazingly simple to install and use... brilliant!
Jonathan Lance Aughey
MSB Consulting Group

After an Exchange server conversion, an error created duplicates of my mailbox, however the data store was in use for too longer afterwards to restore a previous version without losing data. The duplicates needed to be removed, and I tried a free application designed to remove them, but it crashed after 3 minutes of processing. I then purchased the Duplicate Email Remover and Duplicate Remover for Outlook. After 25000+ duplicates removed later, I was very happy with the investment as I could not imagine how difficult and how long it would take to complete this process manually. I will always recommend this product for my peers and clients. Thanks!
Ryan B., Technology Consultant/Owner
Optimal Performance

Yesterday I decided to just try it with the latest version and it worked fine. Cool product. It removed about 35,000+ duplicate emails (1.7 GB) caused by an error from my ISP upgrading their servers. I had a 30 day email retention (about 90 MB) that was downloaded to my Outloook every 15 minutes for about a week and a half. They credited my account so I could buy your product. Worked like a charm!
Jeremy Steinman

I like this product. It very rapidly deletes duplicate messages in my mailbox with over 6000 messages and dozens of folders. An improvement could be made in that to get the program started it requires no less than seven mouse clicks, every single time. Other than that it is an excelent value for the money.
Rudy Leisering, Owner
PCS Consulting

I purchased this product several months ago and use it to delete duplicate emails usually sent by my pop3 server or when synchronizing my PDA. This is an excellent, easy to use product that I highly recommend. It's fast and works flawlessly. I am returning to this site to order the Duplicates Remover for Outlook to remove duplicate addresses loaded during PDA and mobile phone synchronization.
Sobeit, Systems Admin

Excellent utility that simply does exactly as the title suggests, cleanly and efficiently. Thank you!
Stephen Pettitt

I decided to test DER on our own systems before recommending it to clients. We had multiple Outlook email files on various machines, due to travel, migration and backups, housing nearly 1 million emails accumulated over many years. Because of the unique nature of the business, these cannot be archived but must be accessible regularly. DER allowed us to consolidate these various files, reducing the total emails which were on the system by more than 300,000, and saved us many GB of storage space since our emails frequently also contain large attachments. Not only did DER allow us to reduce the file size and bring order to the disparate email boxes, it further helped us streamline our operations, and save invaluable processing time. We figured that it would have taken literally MONTHS of focused and dedicated work to even attempt to clear out the duplicates and bring a higher-level order to our system. DER did this and more within a handful of hours, while we concentrated on providing services to the customers of the business instead. We now look forward to using the attachment processing tool to reduce the file size and thus processing time even further. I will absolutely recommend this to our clients who are using Outlook. Thank you for such a superior product!
Michael Hemmelgarn, Owner
MHA Consulting

The Best One for Outlook. I never apply so good my money.
Manuel Tojeiro

Having had the problem of de-duplicating emails in the past, I was pleased to find this product on the web. I have emails going back several years, which once de-duplicated has reduced my inbox and archive folder substancially. I am very pleased with the product and now will buy the various other email products to check my calendar, contacts etc.
Graham Carter

I'm an email packrat - and was prepping to import 10 years of .pst (Outlook) archives into one Outlook.pst file, so that I could export them all using Acrobat 8's new Outlook Archive feature. Almost 97,000 emails, I saw duplicates-a-plenty, and knew I had my work cut out for me until I remembered this tool - MAPI Lab has been around forever and know their stuff. I downloaded the trial, and tested it repeatedly using various settings, but the default settings weren't deleting anything by mistake. I would say it's the best $15 I ever spent on a utility. 3 hours of work reorganizing the various formats of folders I used, and moving mail around appropriately by hand - I'm done. At the rate I was going "manually" - I would have been at my desk for weeks. Even with the trial version's free 10 "removals" per run. I found no errors at all in the duplicate removal process with the default settings, but I could have configured it to err on the extremely safe side, transfer duplicates to another folder besides the Deleted Items one, etc. If you're an email packrat like me, give it a shakedown cruise via the free 30 day trial. Bottom line: This inexpensive, easy, safe-to-use utility cut about 100+ hours of work down to about 3 minutes.
Steve Glover

Just wanted to tell you what an awesome product your Duplicates Email Remover for Outlook is! It saved me literally hours of mind-numbing work in migrating from Thunderbird to Outlook 2007. I don't think I would have attempted this without your tool! Thank you!

I work inside a support group where clients send 50-300 emails a day, often including both my individual email address and the support distro. This program is the only thing out there that keeps them all in check! I run it on all my folders once per month and it saves me a ton of time searching for them later.
Fultzjap, Systems Engineer
Empiric Systems

This Product is incredible! It saves me lots of work and time, because i receive hundreds of emails everyday and it helps me keep all my mail boxes always organized so that I can find them later. Really good!
Kevin Simpson, Sales Manager

I have found the Duplicate Email Remover to be a wonderful program for cleaning up my Outlook files. it is a wonderful resource.
Susan Harris, Owner - Broker

Does exactly what it says on the tin! When I first brought this software, I had about 1,500 duplicate e-mails in my Hotmail account. To have sifted through them manually would have taken an hour or more, but this program did it in just over a minute. Easy to use to, with a simple wizard interface to go through all the options.

Duplicates Remover for Outlook

Wow! I've been using this product for almost two years. Not often that it is needed, thank goodness, but when I do, IT IS FANTASTIC! I just had to use it and was once again amazed at how slick, efficient, and painless it was to get rid of duplicate calendar entries (because of a syncing problem with an application). Really quick and effective! Thanks so much for a great product!
Brad Hayashi

Thanks for your excellent products, like Duplicate Remover for Outlook. It is worth for money.

I bought your Duplicates Remover for Outlook some time back and it worked as advertised - I had numerous archives to recover and it made a difficult job easy. Some time later I needed to repeat a similar process this time using the Systools product as I thought it would preserve the folder structure. What a mistake from bad customer service, to defending an extremely slow product that missed duplicates your product detected. Talk about an opportunity to learn the difference between creating a corporate enemy or a raving fan. Well Mapilabs know the difference and Systools don't. 10 out of 10 Mapilabs. All the best with your success.
Brad Cope

I transferred my emails from old to new PC and at the same time, enabled POP messages for all my emails. What happens? Double the emails. This addin helps you resolve that issue so you are only left with single emails. Fantastic product and thank-you for offering this to the market.
K Shah

Fantastic software, easy to use and straight to the point!

Duplicate Remover works so seamlessly, quickly & efficiently! Great product!
Steven Harris

Fantastic! Every holiday was in my Calendar 4 times (as a result of restoring Outlook a few times). I'd down to one now.
Paul Ainslie

An absolutely excellent product - thoroughly recommended. Ends the seemingly ever-present issue of duplicates in Outlook which seem to be made more likely with multiple, synchronized devices!!!!!
Michael Hart, CEO
SalePlane Ltd

Terrific product! What I REALLY liked about it were the flexibility, speed, and accuracy. I'm impressed!
Steven, Owner
Vanguard Professional Services

This is still the best software out there for duplicates...
Joshua D. Way, Business technology advisor

Great product, I use it every time my pocket pc creates duplicate appointments and contacts.
Elad Yankovich, IT Manager
The College of Judea and Samaria

Thank you for creating these Outlook simplification tools. I really like the thought put into making these work so well. I have and will continue to use the tools in this suite to help me tame the beast that is Microsoft Outlook! Thank you.
Michael Acampora, Cust. Serv.
Qualcomm, Inc.

I installed the product in 2 minutes and removed 372 duplicates in a few seconds. This product is very fast, easy to use and efficient. I tried several other (more expensive) products then I chose to buy this one because I trusted the company and its know-how on Outlook, Exchange and the MAPI protocol. Highly recommended.
Alessandro Del Prete, Client Solution Lead

I am so glad that I found the Outlook duplicate remover program. I have needed this utility for years as multiple sync errors with my Palm Treo had created thousands of duplicate contact and calendar entries. Duplicates Remover turned out to be a perfect solution. It was ridiculously easy to install and completely intuitive to use. Once installed, I had removed 1,232 duplicate contacts in under a minute (yes, the program also told me how many records it deleted and it let me save them in a file so I could see what it had done)! I have rarely seen an application that was so well thought out and ready to use right out of the box. Thanks and congratulations!
John Work, Founder, Dir of Sales & Marketing

We use quite a few of these plug-ins. The Excel and Outlook tools work exactly as advertised and save hours. These are some of the best productivity tools available anywhere.
Dan Green, President
The Green Internet Group

Send Personally

I have used Send Personally for one year and I was really satisfied. Now I am planning to get a second year of it.
Sinan Bilgin
Omega Group

I love MAPILab Send Personally. It's one of my favorite app.
Petri Haapa-aho

Send Personnally is a very interesting add on! I used it often during the trial period and find it easy and efficient. Thanks.

Send Personally does exactly what it should and is more elegant than blind carbon copy. Thanks.

I love your Send Personally. This easy, little add makes sending newsletters so much more "human". Great work.
Piotr Kowalski
Orange Company

Love Send personally, its a critical component for our email campaign. great job!
Scott Berry

Send Personally for Outlook served me well for five across two different laptops, with no need for additional spend throughout that time. And for that I'm grateful as too many software providers treat customers like cash cows with constant need to renew and upgrade. So I am happily upgrading now to more of your products to use on my new laptop.
Michele Lewis
The Top Floor Agency Ltd

Love this product. Couldn't live without Send Personally :)
Mitchell Feldman
Cloudamour Limited

I have used MAPILab's Outlook Add-In products for years! Send Personally and Subscription Manager are a great duo to send newsletters and mass mailings. They are very easy to use and have allowed us to cancel a subscription to an on-line service to provide newsletters.
Deb Hermann

I have earlier used the Send Personally for Outlook Express add in. I am really impressed with the said add in and which is now I plan to buy it for Outlook. I have not come across with any such kind of an add in being provided by any other company. I really appreciate the idea behind it and the hard work involved in conceptualizing the same.
Rahul Vidhani
Vidhani Associates

5 stars!! I've been using Send personally for several years now and it has performed 100% as claimed. Excellent product!
Ed Lawrence

Send Personally is a lifesaver. We are going to start having the whole office use it.

Send Personally is a nice, lightweight little bulk emailer. Much better than the free ones I've used. The macros are intuitive and easy to use.

Great product! Made it more convenient to send personalized bulk emails out.

I have been using Send Personally for over a year and it's a life-saver. I do a lot of mass e-mailing for my business and this tool saves me tons of time. I can't say enough great things about it and would recommend it to anyone who has to e-mail in bulk.

Send Personally is a great product. Easy to use! I don't know how I got along without these simple tools and add-ins. Your support team has always been very responsive to questions on usage and pricing. Thanks!
Roman Gneiding
Gneiding Consulting

I use Send Personally for event invitations. It saves tremendous amounts of time.
Shannon Odom
Shannon Odom

In addition to Send Personally I own the Toolbox. As a small business owner, I use these products daily. I have tried MANY Outlook Add Ins with either mediocre or disastrous results. Every MAPILab product I have tried or purchased has worked flawlessly and when I had a computer problem the staff at MAPILab were available and responsive and helped me fix the issue rapidly (not a product problem but a damaged registry issue). I recommend without hesitation MAPILab products (and support) to anyone who uses Outlook. You will be pleased. Thanks, MAPILab.
Krispin Sullivan, Researcher/Writer

Print Tools for Outlook

The Print Tool for Outlook works great. We use the print tool for our orders. When we need support the are Always helping great to fine tune our order proces.
John Scheffer

When you consider the value of your own time and just how much of it would be required to accomplish all that MAPILab's tools can perform in a tiny fraction of it, the decision to purchase is a "no brainer". I'm still discovering ways to be even more organized, allowing me to put my time to better use. Nice job folks!

The Print Tools for Outlook is a lifesaver for my team. It gives us the ability to print PDF attachments for multiple emails without opening each email and manually printing each attachment. It is a great plugin. Looking forward to rolling it out to my entire team.
Christopher Maher
Clean Harbors

We use Outlook Print tools in our Company. It's a great solution and helps to manage multiple Attachments in E-Mails.
Michael Krauss

MAPILab Toolbox

Have been using MAPILab Toolbox programmes for a couple of years now and have found the programmes of excellent quality and resource. Did have a short period with a problem with "templates" but the service from over the pond was excellent and the problem was solved.
Terry Price

I would add the email scheduler to schedule email reminders to my staff about various weekly and monthly work schedules including periodic reports and periodic summaries. The system will take a good proportion of my work out and my department's efficiency increases that much.
Gordon Chan
Rio Tinto

I use the automatic sending feature of MAPILab toolbox.
Steve Halvorson

The software helps to make Outlook easier to use.
Stephen R Kreyling
Kreyling Web Design

Over about 15 years of providing IT support, I have spent a lot of time looking for "just the right" tool to address a particular or tricky issue. Many times, that tool has been made by MAPILab. Thanks for your work.
Jon Beharry

The MAPILab Toolbox is a very good product for the price and adds most all the features that I need in Outlook.
Stephen Kreyling

MAPILab Toolbox is very handy with Outlook 2010 when I need to postpone an email until the next business day. The built in feature never worked right and your product did. It is definitely useful to anyone who needs this missing or non working feature in Outlook.
James Garman
3 Rivers Computer Solutions, LLC

Every single morning I've been resending 5 emails to the same exact people, every single day, for the past year for sales contests. Now that I've found Email Scheduler, my time in the morning is about to become mine again!
Paul Hinds

Great product. Easy to use! I don't know how I got along without these simple tools and add ins. Your support team has always been very responsive with questions on usage and pricing. Thanks!
S Davis, IT Manager

Works as expected!! Rather jealous of your capabilities of "manipulating" the registry. Thanks for your help!! (again) The add-ins from MAPILab have been everything I expected, and then some. The support that has been provided could not, in my opinion, be improved on in any way!!
John Scholten

Attachments Processor for Outlook

The Attachments Processor app looks really good. Can't wait to try it out!
Chris Gallacher

I have been using Attachments Processor for my corporate email and given me countless hours of productivity back. Given the number of document-heavy projects I work on with people outside of our company, my gigabyte quota would only get me through about three months of email. With Attachments Processor, I can now keep two years of email in my inbox because the attachments are stored in My Documents. In addition to enabling me to keep project correspondence together on the email server instead of scattered across PSTs, I have saved many wasted project hours on the onerous job of sorting, archiving and deleting email just so the flow of critical project documentation isn't locked down by quota restrictions. It's amazing how much this automation has improved my productivity!
David Robinson
Hitachi Data Systems

Attachment processor saved me a lot of space in email server.
Vita Trtik
Meopta U.S.A., Inc.

I did the trial and it worked perfectly. I am now looking to purchase for my home and office.
Marie Santos
Homampour Law Firm

I have around 30GB worth of pst and OST files. This software has gotten me out of a jam multiple times.
Michael Reekie

First time I've written a review, but this little utility is worth it!!! My outlook PST file was getting bloated and Outlook was slowing down. I want to keep track of all my emails on Exchange, and so using multiple PST files doesn't work. With this utility, I can easily detach large attachments and store them on my hard disk separately from the email. With one click, they are restored again. It works very fast on bulk processing. Great solution - now my outlook PST file is just 40% of what it used to be!

Attachment Save for Exchange

We use Attachment Save for exchange for a long time now, and its easy to use and very effective. Very useful in this company. Thanks for that!

Thank for the innovative and forward-thinking apps you have given us for the past decade. I always recommend your tools to my clients; whether it is the Attachment Auto Save or Duplicate Mail Remover are but a few of the Outlook / Exchange tools my clients love.
Sam Hanna

We are trying the Attachment Save and so far it looks good!

The Outlook Print Tools and Exchange Save Attachment are exactly what we needed to process the numerous attachments we receive. They work great!

Attachment Save has been a big help in boosting our efficiencies for managing incoming files. Very straight forward to set up and manage.
Sheldon Stutzman, Systems Manager
Fryburg Door

We use the attachment save tool to save incoming orders. We have 2 Exchange Servers in our environment and it works very good.
Lukas Bernauer
Sedus Stoll AG

MAPILab Search for Exchange

MAPILab Exchange Search 30 day trial was wonderful. I can't wait to get the full version.
Derrick Steward
Denmark Technical College

I have searched high and low and MAPILab Search for Exchange is the only tool I could find which matches my requirements and budget.
Dean Gifford

Print Agent for Exchange

Following a successful trial we are using the Print Agent to produce a roll call of staff in the building when the fire alarm sounds, as our access control system was unable to do this in a meaningful way. Thanks for filling the hole in their product!
Peter Jacob
Ahmad Tea

Advanced Security for Outlook

True heaven thanks for saving my life getting outlook 2003 and its infernal security dialogue for a know script that I had written! Thanks to this nifty program I can now save email to txt file in an import folder for practice management software to import completely automatically Many thanks!
neville, Manager

A life saver (OK, I exaggerate a little) - highly recommended.
David Drew, Labs IT Manager

Love the advanced security free tool. I have personally recommend your products to many of our clients... they think it is Awesome. Love you work!

I have been using your Advanced Security for Outlook. It is the only product that I have found that works properly and has been a life saver. I use it to allow an application to read incoming mail from: PDF Forms containing specification data, then rending modified forms to the sender. Automation that manages my customers website.
Andrew Adkins
Softscript Limited

Excellent. Works like a charm!

I adjusted the program to use he outlook object model and its working fine with Advanced Security. I was aware of the Outlook security manager and I thought it has the same functionality. Now I know it can do more. In future cases it is probably handy. I will add the link to my favorites. The way Advanced Security solves the problem is very elegant. It works like a firewall you should sell the solution to Microsoft :)
Huub van de Wiel

Thanks for publishing this tool. Because of this I can trigger important database data imports automatically.
Steven, contractor

This program has resolved a problem that has had me tearing my hair out for too long! I knew what the issue was but couldn't resolve it...until now! I've NEVER written a testimonial so I hope that the fact I am writing this goes some way to explain how grateful I am for this program! Thank you MAPILab!
Asher, Technician

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful product. The outlook security manager is working perfectly and saving me annoying clicking time. :-) Many thanks.
Nitzan, Programmer

This product saved me a ton of time and it worked right from the start. Thank you MapiLab.

I have been using this product for three and a half years to allow me to read incoming e-mails into my bespoke software, move e-mails around in outlook and also allow my software to send e-mails automatically. It works perfectly and has never given a moments trouble - highly recommended.
Peter Watts, Company Owner
Pulsar Productions

This works great! There was an add-in which we use which kept causing the Outlook security prompt and was extremely frustrating. Could not find any other solution except to disable the add-in or not use Word as the editor. Both of which i couldn't do. I installed this and allowed the add-in and BAM everything works like a charm :) Love all your software. Thanks for keeping this free!
Gabriel , Support Analyst

Thanks so much for offering Advanced Security for Outlook for free. I needed MS Access to be able to automatically send reports and with this software it is both easier and controllable. You guys are awesome.
Andrew Nicol, Director
Agoge Limited

Actual Contacts for Outlook

The Actual Contacts product does look just right for our business.
Clive Tomlinson

Only 10 minutes to verify 1400 email addresses. Fantastic ! I will test the other features and will get back with comments afterwards. Thanks for this add-in, very useful !
Francine Perretgentil, Personal Assistant

This is one of the few times i really enjoyed using an outlook plug-in, and probably one of the best plug-ins ever made for outlook. I have a huge list of contacts and a lot of them were outdated and missing big chunks of info, by using Actual Contacts it was a very painless process for me and my contacts to update the info. I only used the trial version of the product and I am very pleased with the results, I don't know who is going to ready this testimony but I would recommend this plug-in to any outlook user and I would really like to thank the people at MAPIlab for their excellent work on this product.
Ahmed Fathi, Customer Service

E-mail Follow-Up

I've been a user of your tools for a *very* long time.
Guy Austrian

The follow-up has been a lifesaver for me!
Jeremy Eskelsen

I used to create a new entry in my Outlook calendar whenever I wanted to follow up on an email I just sent, in case the receiver didn't reply. Now I just tell E-Mail Follow-Up to do it for me, automatically. This is what I call a time-saving Outlook add-on!
Vittorio Bosio, Easy Language Programmer

Easy Survey

We have used the easy survey to help our customers at our web-site and we got a great and fast response on the needs of our customers.
Ernani Uchoa, Webmaster

Easy Survey is Super software. It is easy to use and it is really efficient. Thanks for a great product!
Cassiano Travareli, Manager
Bank Foreclosures Sale

Easy Survey has helped us a lot to improve the usability of our website with really easy to create surveys to our visitors.
Julie Thompson, Internet and Media Director

Easy Survey is an really efficient tool. It has helped us to create surveys very quickly.
Tina Smith, Customer Support

I started to use Easy Survey and I discovered it is really easy and useful. The best software to creation and conduction of surveys. Thank you MAPILab company!
Julie, Sales Manager

Quick Templates for Outlook

I am using Quick Templates plugin in my daily work to do not spend my time to write the same text more and more times and to do not copy-paste the replies from Excel to Outlook. This product migrates with me from Outlook 2000 :)
Felix Broddy, IT
Small Software Solutions Ltd.

This program is a HUGE time saver. I have become very spoiled by it and now refuse to work without it on any of my computers. Well worth every penny!
Catherine Honaker

Add Contacts

Thank you for all of your work over the years - I first learned of your products via your products have saved me from suffering HOURS of stress! Thank you, Elisha
Elisha Landman

Thank you very much for your "Add Contacts" Add-in. As a freelancer, it helps me enormously to include all my business partners in my address book saving me lots of time to identify my contacts.
Julian Poluda

HTML Email Archiver for Outlook

Very Great Utility for users who have very important document to archive...

The Email Archiver is amazing. Just used it archive over 300,000 emails without a single problem.
Paul Tattersfield, Systems Analyst
Grange Project Management

Advanced Folders Watch

Many thanks for the product which allows us to be notified as soon as the new post appears in Public Folder on our Microsoft Exchange. This is the only tool which I found to solve this task and I was very surprised because the product is freeware. Good job guys!
Alex Gordon, CEO
Montek Ltd.

MAPILab NNTP for Outlook

Great product! I use the software every day in my work. Using this software I can participate in newsgroups in a simple and easy way.
Samanta Parks, CEO

This is one tool that I live with daily... Thanks to MAPILAB I have never need to open a site to get news groups infomation... I love it... In fact all tools from MAPI LAB are great....
Rahul, Microsoft MVP
Microsoft MVP

Native POP3 Connector

MAPILab has solved a big problem we had with our network failing and losing e-mails. Using MAPILab we're able to send mail to a 3rd party pop3 mail host with a catch-all account and retrieve them to our exchange server once our internet is back up and running.
Jake Moss

This is the most stable POP3 Connector for Exchange Server!
Larry Cheng
Cityscape (HK) Limited

It's great product, fit all our needs and perform very well. One of best purchase decision.

I am going to recommend the Native POP3 Connector to the company we are currently working with, so we can fix the problems with Exchange Server. It really does work!
Bruce He

I am going to recommend the Native POP3 Connector to the company we are currently working with, so we can fix the problems with Exchange Server. It really does work!
Ivan K., Manager
Weight Loss Advisor

It worked right out of the box. Was up and running in minutes.
Hank Grimmick, Owner
Grimmick Consulting Services

Native POP3 Connector is really a nice product, easy to use and configure. Our Exchange Server is now a "real" Mail Server. Foreward the quality is high and the price is low. MAPILab, thanks!
Antonio Pelleriti, CEO
DynamiCode Software Factory

Native POP3 Connector has provided us with trouble free mail access for our business. We now have the benefits of an integrated Exchange Mail System and the backup of our ISP POP Mail servers. Native POP3 Connector is a value product with excellent integration with Exchange.
Michael Christsen, Technical Manager
MobileXe Inc

MAPILab POP3 Connectors for Exchange

I use MAPI POP3 Connector on all of my Windows SBS 2008/2011 Servers. Excellent product and fair price!
Ben Piner

We are using MAPILab POP3 Connector and MAPILab Disclaimers for Exchange and we are very satisfied with the products. Easy install and rapid deployment, and very user-friendly configuration. Even doing an upgrade is easy.
Martijn van Geffen
Inter Assure

MAPILAB Pop3 Connector is a great product.
Thomas Tang
Geeks Commando Corporation

I just found out that Exchange 2013 does not have a POP3 connector. I installed the MAPILab connector in trial mode and it works perfectly. The installation instructions were excellent. I will definitely be purchasing the POP3 connector.

We are considering using MAPILab POP3 Connector for an upgrade we are installing on an Exchange 2013 platform. We have been told that your product works well.
John R Hattersley
InData Systems

I like the POP3 connector. It works well and I've used it on several occasions.
Michelle Hardin
Hardin ITS

Very easy to setup, does what it claims to and it just keeps on working. I use it to download e-mail from 4 of my hosted websites, Comcast, Earthlink, Google and consolidate all my e-mail from all sources into my Exchange account, which I can access on my phone, via OWA or with Outlook. Makes my life much easier to manage.
Michael Maddalena, Owner
The Net House, Inc.

MAPILab File Recovery

WOW! What a wonderful program! I was really fretting over having deleted many files from my flash drive by mistake, but rather than go into panic mode, I did an internet search on file recovery. I checked out a couple of the sites found in the search, but was most impressed with the capabilities you listed. I could not be happier with the results. Thank you so much for building and sharing this fantastic program.
Judith Becker

I am very happy with the results I have gotten in recovering deleted files from my flash drive. Thank you so much for this utility.
Judith A. Becker

MAPILab Rules for Exchange

It worked! I'm not very expert with computers, but with your help I easily removed an Outlook prompt that had been driving me crazy. "Windows Secrets" correctly advised me that you could solve this problem after Dell, Norton and Optonline tech support teams had insisted the prompts could not be avoided. Bless you and Windows Secrets!
Muriel Fox

Thank you. This product is soooo great. It solved my problem. Thank u again. More power to you guys.

Live Signatures

Live Signatures has enabled me to appear increasingly professional in all my communications. I know, as an Internet Psychologist, how important it is for people to be able to trust your emails. Live Signatures is a vital component in helping you achieve greater trust and credibility in everything you do. I certainly would not be without it and I am glad I have discovered this add-in.
Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist
Graham Jones

MAPILab Groupware Server

Using Mapilab Groupware Server our company solved a task to share Outlook PST file between seven coworkers. We've got the public folders, calendars and contacts in cheapest way.
Dmitry Zagarin, CMO
Office Assistance

We are a non-profit homeowners association and have been trying your groupware product on five of our machines here, and the staff really like it. The shared PST file concept is a real winner.
David Grimes, Treasurer
The Harbor Club Homeowners Association

Outlook Security Manager

The Outlook Security Manager has helped so much.
Steve Harbron
ECC Company

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