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Print Agent for Exchange

Current version: 1.10.2936, released on 15.01.2018

Print Agent for Exchange – a solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, which allows to automatically print out the necessary emails and attachments.

The product consists of three components – a management console, which can be installed on any workstation in domain, transport agents, installed on the Exchange server, and one or more services that are directly processed printing.

A practical system of rules, including conditions, actions and exceptions, allows to define criteria for printing of really necessary messages and attachments.

Print Agent for Exchange can print both email messages and attached files (images, html, PDF, txt). Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel) can be also printed.

Print Agent is an Exchange solution. To print necessary emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook, please try another MAPILab software — Print Tools for Outlook.

Product features:

  • Printing is performed from a service, which can be installed on any computer or server in the organization. No client application with logged-in user is needed for functioning of the rules and sending documents to print.
  • Simple but effective protection against failures in the printing of required documents: the print service for messages can be installed on multiple computers in organization. If one of them for any reason is unavailable, the documents will be printed using any of the active services.
  • Wide range of print settings, both in the rules of the product, and in the printer settings of a specified user.
  • Print Agent for Exchange can apply text or image watermark to the PDF files when printed. 
  • A special system for centralized monitoring of the current status and performance of the product as a whole. Control over the whole system of rules can be performed from a single console.
  • The installation process and product management is unified for all Exchange versions. Product installation and deployment is performed with the help of a convenient installation wizard, while management (creation and customization of the rules for selection of messages and attachments for printing) is carried out by means of the console. The company-wide product deployment is possible from any single computer/server, which could be also used to setup and adjust rules for all Exchange servers in the company.

Technical support

The license grants you a right to get new versions and technical support for free during one year. After one year you can continue use installed version of the product without any limitations but if you would like to get technical support or to download new version of the product the license renew is required. To get a status of your license and to renew it please follow the Renew license area on the web-site.

Technical support is provided via e-mail and Tickets system on the web-site.

Download Trial Version

You can download free 30-day trial version of Print Agent for Exchange (58026 KB) and test it before purchasing. Trial version has no limitations during the trial period.

Primary Download
Secondary Download

Ordering Information

The Product is licensed according to the following principle: the number of licenses must be equal to the total number of Exchange Back-End and/or Exchange Hub Transport servers where the Product component known as “Print Agent for Exchange Agent” is installed. The Product components known as “Print Agent for Exchange Management Console” and “MAPILab Printing Service” can be installed on any number of computers without limitations.


License typeUSD
Print Agent (1 Exchange Server license)    $659

Buy Now!

If you would like to purchase licenses for more than 5 Exchange servers, please feel free to contact our sales team.

DownloadPrint Agent for Exchange Download Print Agent for Exchange (58026 KB):
 Primary Download
 Secondary Download
Purchase Print Agent for Exchange Purchase Print Agent for Exchange online through a secure server with any major credit cards.
Print Agent for Exchange flash tours Look through the flash tutorial tours to learn more about our product workings and configuration settings
Product Home Page
Administrator’s Guide
End User License Agreement (EULA)
Technical Details
User testimonials
Following a successful trial we are using the Print Agent to produce a roll call of staff in the building when the fire alarm sounds, as our access control system was unable to do this in a meaningful way. Thanks for filling the hole in their product!

Peter Jacob
Ahmad Tea

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