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Personalized mass email outlook

Currently, a lot of users wonder how to personalize emails in outlook. You might often need to send personalized emails from Outlook to a group of recipients. It's known that a lot of organizations and companies use the email newsletter to notify their customers or to carry on email marketing campaign. And therefore, it takes a lot of time to send personalized mass email from outlook, so you might need to use a special solution to optimize your work. Send Personally is the add-in for Microsoft Outlook intended for sending messages to numerous recipients with a help of Microsoft Outlook. What are the advantages? First, this add-in provides an alternative and innovative method of sending messages from Outlook. The program allows the final recipient to receive a personalized message written for him/her individually. Meanwhile, you can personalize emails in Outlook for a great number of recipients, and each of them will receive a personal message. To accomplish this task, you have to press the button ''Send Personally'' and then the whole operation is performed automatically. While creating a message, you can exclude any address from the distribution list. We should admit the fact that each email marketing software has its advantages and drawbacks. Despite this, the ''Send Personally'' add-in is the right and reliable tool for those who work with multiple recipients in Outlook and want to simplify their work.

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Send Personally does exactly what it should and is more elegant than blind carbon copy. Thanks.

Richard Micko
North Coast Container

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