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15 March 2017

Duplicate Email Remover: update to the message comparison utility for Outlook

The new version of our plug-in for search and removal of duplicate messages in Microsoft Outlook folders is released! Duplicate Email Remover is a reliable and effective software that helps locate and remove duplicated messages quickly and conveniently, keeping the folders of your mail client orderly.

The main change in Version 3.2 is the update to the message comparison utility to determine whether messages are truly duplicates. Some messages appear to be duplicated, but are not considered duplicates because of values in technical fields which are not readily visible. With this update, the utility helps find the exact technical fields where the differences are located, taking encoding and formatting of the message into account and making a determination about changing the configuration of the Duplicate Email Remover in order to identify these messages as duplicates or not, depending on whether this change will affect important data.

The data utility was added by customer demand in Version 3.0 and the new version of the product has considerably expanded functionality.

You can download the new version of the plug-in on the productís homepage: Duplicates Email Remover.

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