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29 October 2013

Mail Merge Toolkit 2.6.3 is released

Mail Merge Toolkit Mail Merge Toolkit substantially extends a possibility of mailing personalized messages (the ‘Merge’ function in Microsoft Office). The program allows you to mail not only from Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook but from Microsoft Publisher as well. Moreover, Mail Merge Toolkit adds extra message formats what enables you to enhance standard merge features of Microsoft applications, for example, attach one or more files to your messages and many others.

In a new version:

  • An issue when the registration code is unsaved known if running Microsoft Office Word without Administrator credentials is fixed.
  • Unicode paths to the attached files (specific national characters in filenames) are now supported
  • New feature: file masks are now supported in the name of attached files.
  • An issue with sending blank message body is fixed – it was known in several cases with the systems where non-English local language settings were used.

You can find all information about Mail Merge Toolkit 2.5.5 at the product homepage or use a direct download link to update the software.

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