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15 August 2007

MAPILab announces a special offer for bloggers!

We are glad to offer bloggers a chance to test our products and get them as a gift!

What is to be done?

Download, install and try any product from among: Write and publish a short review about it in your blog.

What will you get for this?

We would be glad to receive a link to the published review from you and offer you a fully functional version of any single plug-in from the above mentioned groups at your choice for free as a gift.

When will this happen?

Time limits of the campaign: August 15 – September 31, 2007.

Who may participate?

Any blog-owner, independently of the blog theme (except for the blogs with illegal and “adults only” content).

Where the links to written and published reviews should be sent to?

Please, send them to this e-mail address.

Are there any limitations?

Yes, there are several limitations:
  • short, abstract review such as “yes, this a really cool/nasty program” is not concerned as a review
  • one blog – one review – one registered version as a gift: it’s not worth to make 40 posts about all MAPILab programs – write about what is really interesting to you.

Any other surprises?

Yes, of course! When the campaign finishes, on the 1st of October 2007, we will select three best reviews and award their authors with the gift certificates.

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