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20 March 2020

Are you working from home because of COVID-19?

The pandemic has forced many companies to change the traditional ways of running the office and accommodate remote working arrangements. We understand that it is not always possible or convenient to take your office PC home. It’s much easier to use a laptop or your home PC. This gives you two options: connect remotely to your office PC, or install your usual software pack on your home computer. The first option is not always possible because of the security policy or bandwidth limitation. The second option may be difficult because of software licensing.

We’re here to help. Starting today – March-20-2020 we’re extending our single-user license. All of our license holders with active support and maintenance services will be eligible to install our product on TWO devices using the same license. That means you can use the same serial number and install our product on your laptop or your home PC.

MAPILab licensing during COVID-19

This feature is available for all add-ins for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel for all “active” licenses. If you don't know the current status of your license, you can check it in the Renewal section of our website.

An extended license will also be included in all new purchases made before 1-June-2020. To get a free extension of your current licenses or if you have any additional questions regarding this offer, please contact our sales team at

Be safe and keep up the good work!

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