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19 August 2003

Update: Mail Storage Guard v1.1

We are glad to announce new version of Mail Storage Guard. This product is an extension for Microsoft® Exchange 2000/5.5 and IIS SMTP servers, designed to protect your mail server from unneeded promotional mail (spam), prevents mail relaying, mail bombing and NDR attacks. The protection is realized both on the level of SMTP protocol and on the level of message delivery to storage.

In the new version of Mail Storage Guard:

  • Simple reports was added to management console. Now you can see number of processed and blocked email messages, top of recipients and most spammed mailboxes in your organization.
  • Update of DNS Blackhole List filter. Now you can add, edit and delete servers in DNS blackhole list. So, if the list of Mail Storage Guard doesn't contain your favorite SUPER-RBL.ORG, now you can add it yourself!
  • Subnets white list for DNS Blackhole List filter. You can easy exclude the local networks of your organization, distant offices and local networks of your partners.

You can get more information about Mail Storage Guard and obtain 30-day trial version at product homepage.

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