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24 November 2009

New version of MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint 2.5

MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint We are pleased to inform you about release of a new version of MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint software solution (version 2.5).

Since the release of the first commercial version of the product, developers and employees of technical support department have thoroughly looked into all requests and comments of users of MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint solution. As a result, the new version of the product both contains new useful reports and provides you with all capabilities for efficient work in conditions of high load on SharePoint servers.

10 new reports are introduced in MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint:

In the “Activity of users and visiting dynamics” group:

  • Site summary
  • Visits by department
  • Site collection summary

In the “Documents” group:

  • Document libraries summary
  • Document growth trends
  • Not used documents
  • Documents by site collections

In the “List items” group:

  • Lists summary
  • Lists growth trends

In the “Search usage” group:

  • Search destinations

Statistical data acquisition procedures were also optimized resulting in steady operation of MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint in conditions of high load on servers (the product has successfully passed testing loads exceeding half a million hits per day). Processing of the acquired data was successfully tested under similar peak loads.

Another important point associated with the new version release is simplification of the product licensing conditions. To comply with the requests of our esteemed users, we decided to give up licensing procedure “licenses to servers + licenses to users”. Now with the purchase of MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint, only users of your Internet or Intranet portal are the subject of licensing. More detailed information about the new licensing system of the product can be found here: MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint licensing rules

The new version of the product is already deployed at our demo portal, where you can review new reporting without product installation. The demonstration video about the software is also available now.

You can find more detailed information about the new version and download the free 30 days demo version on the product home page.

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