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14 December 2007

MAPILab Reports 2007 Beta 2 is available!

We would like to inform our customers about a release of MAPILab Reports 2007 Beta 2 – an ultimate solution for collecting reports on a company’s IT-infrastructure.

MAPILab Reports 2007 Beta 2 contains two report packages: MAPILab Reports Pack for Network Infrastructure (104 reports) and MAPILab Reports Pack for Microsoft Exchange Server (41 reports).

The first report package includes reports on Active Directory and IT -infrastructure objects as the second one contains reports on statistical information on the users, mail traffic; mail boxes and public folders and many others.

We would like to remind you that all our customers are most welcome to take part in our beta-testing program. Your active participation and substantive feedback are essential for us. Your comments and suggestions will help us shape our future program in order to receive the best possible final version. At the same time you have a chance to purchase the program with various discounts. This offer is valid for those who have already registered and taken active part in our beta-testing program.

We will appreciate it very much if you could find time to install and test a new beta-version of MAPILab Reports. The installation guide for MAPILab Reports Beta 2 is available on a beta-testing program webpage.

We are also glad to inform you that a preliminary ordering of MAPILab Reports is available on our website. You can buy necessary report packages with a 50% discount right now and get a final version of the program shortly after the official release of the program in the end of spring 2008. MAPILab offers you a brilliant opportunity to save your money and get a fully-functional program now. Please note that the time period of this offer is limited.

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