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8 July 2008

MAPILab Reports - ultimate software solution for enterprise IT-infrastructure reporting is released.

MAPILab Reports 2008 is released

The MAPILab company announces the release of MAPILab Reports 2008 - an effective solution that provides reports about the state of enterprise IT-infrastructure, security audits, inventory of hardware and software, and preparation for migration and upgrade.

Two report packages are available in MAPILab Reports: report pack for network infrastructure consists of 170 reports and report pack for Microsoft Exchange Server contains more than 80 reports. Historical and statistical reports of the product allow changes in infrastructure to be clearly presented and evaluated, so that accurate prognoses and relevant development plans can be made.

Among the key features of MAPILab Reports are agentless collection of data, changeable report designs, advanced filters and sorting modes in reports, integration of MAPILab Reports into existing administrative MMC snap-ins of company's IT-personal.

MAPILab Reports licensing policy also has some interesting features. Users can download and install the program without any limitations. MAPILab Reports includes a special demonstrational report pack containing 15 reports selected from the report pack available at the present moment. With the help of Demo Report Pack, it is possible to collect actual data and generate reports on this basis.

MAPILab Reports is already in use in a number of manufacturing companies and banks where it received favorable reviews from IT-specialists of these companies.

You can get the detailed information about the product on the MAPILab Reports home page.

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