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28 July 2006

A new version of MAPILab Rules for Exchange.

We would like to inform you that a new version of MAPILab Rules for Exchange - v.2.0 has been released.

The new version contains some significant improvments and bugfixes:

  • Option "Use specified e-mail address as sender's address if the original message recipient can not be resolved" has been added into "forward it to specified e-mails" action.
  • Global option "Do not perform actions on duplicate messages" has been added.
  • Global option "Do not apply rules for journaled (archived) messages" has been moved to Advanced tab of program properties.
  • Primary condition "when a message is delivered to the member of the specified address list" has been added.
  • Condition "sender is in the specified address list" has been added.
  • Condition "sender's email is in the specified file" has been added.
  • Condition "received in a specific date/time span" has been added.
  • Option "Treat phrases as regular expressions" has been added for multiple conditions.
  • Condition "message header meets specified criterion" has been added.
  • Rules import/export feature has been added to the management console.
  • Log file rotation feature has been added.
  • Advanced format has been added in "save the message to the specified file" and "save attachments to the specified file" actions.

You could find all information about MAPILab Rules for Exchange at the product homepage or use a direct download link to update the software.

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