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22 August 2017

Meet a new version of Mail Merge Toolkit for Outlook!

Mail Merging in OutlookWe would like to present you a new version of our famous Mail Merge Toolkit for Outlook - this add-in significantly enriches your opportunities in performing of personalized mailing - you can issue really personalized mailouts with Mail Merge Toolkit. The message 'To' and 'Subject' fields, message text, attached files - all these items can be unique now for each recipient in your mailing list.

There are not any critical changes in the presented version of the add-in, but we would like to pay your attention to the following things. Firstly, there were some cases with improperly adding of the product toolbar to the "Mailings" ribbon tab in Publisher and Word in Microsoft Office 2013-2016. This issue has been successfully fixed in this version of Mail Merge Toolkit.

Secondly, we also fixed some issues related with the add-in version updates in cases when product version since 2.6 and lower has been updated to the newest ones.

You are welcome to update the software at the Mail Merge Toolkit homepage.

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