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21 September 2017

A new version of MAPILab Toolbox for Outlook has been released!

MAPILab Toolbox for OutlookWe would like to announce a new version of MAPILab Toolbox for Outlook. This add-in includes 19 different apps that allow you to perform operations with email messages and other Outlook items more productively. There are a lot of 'must have' features such as email scheduling, reminding, mailing lists management, remote access to the files on your PC via email, setting the quantity of messages to be sent within a specified time-frame and many others.

In this newly presented version of the add-in we made in-demand improvements in the product user interface for some components of MAPILab Toolbox. Now the add-in Options dialogue window of Email Scheduler, File Send Automatically, Message Autofill, Batched Mail and Mailing List Services can be resized and it makes the work on the lists with long names easier. For example, in the Batched Mail component settings, we can now view most of the subjects in the messages added to the "Queue" tab - you can see it on the screenshot below:

Batched Mail component of MAPILab Toolbox

You are welcome to get the newest version of the add-in on the MAPILab Toolbox for Outlook homepage.

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