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4 January 2010

The first plug-ins are released for the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office 2010!

Mapilab reports that it is releasing plug-ins for the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office 2010. The first plug-ins in the world for the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office are the Duplicate Email Remover, Duplicates Remover for Outlook and Send Personally for Outlook.

After the launch of the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office, developers encountered the need to produce 64-bit versions of plug-ins, since all 32-bit plug-ins produced earlier are able to operate only with the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office. Mapilab plug-ins, originally written in C++ in 2003, remain as popular as ever, with over three hundred thousand authorized users registered from 2003 to 2009.

Mapilab began receiving enquiries on plans in respect of the production of 64-bit versions of plug-ins even before the launch of the public beta-version of Microsoft Office 2010. According to the company experts, the process of creating compatible versions of the first two plug-ins encountered no unexpected complications. The code of plug-ins was successfully recompiled for 64 bits almost without modification and alteration. Mapilab plans to produce 64-bit versions of all its products in the first quarter of 2010.

We also noted that for the small and medium business segments the process of migration from the 32-bit to the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office would not be seriously affected by problems of compatibility with third-party products. During 2010 the majority of developers will update their product lines and users will be able to find 64-bit versions of plug-ins or their substitutes right up to the moment of the large-scale switchover to the 64-bit version (which is expected not earlier than late 2010).

In the corporate segment, where custom solutions and limited edition products integrated with Microsoft Office are used, this process will take much longer and will be more complicated, it is not likely that the 64-bit edition of Microsoft Office will find favour among corporate users any earlier than mid 2011.

Plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook (also well known as add-ons, add-ins and extensions) are small software tools, the main aim of which is to add new and extend existing functions in Microsoft Outlook.

Mapilab plug-ins that are compatible with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office:

  • Duplicate Email Remover and Duplicates Remover for Outlook are designed for the search and processing (removing) of duplicated e-mails, notes, contacts, tasks, records in the diary and calendar of Microsoft Outlook and shared folders on the Microsoft Exchange server.
  • Send Personally for Outlook is designed to send personal messages to a great number of recipients via Microsoft Office Outlook 2000-2010. Add-in offers an alternative method of sending messages from Outlook, separate message being created for each recipient.

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