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12 June 2003

Update: Redirect add-in for postmasters

Many corporate mail systems redirect messages with unresolved recipient address to postmaster mailbox an it is up to postmaster to redirect it to the recipient. However, Microsoft® Outlook® does not have built-in mail redirection functionality; using mail forwarding is not the most convenient choice:

  • In forward mode, when original message is sent as an attachment, the recipient can see the original message as it was, including message headers and original formatting. However, due to the fact that the message was received as an attachment it is easy to lose it: the message with attachment has another sender address, and there is no text to search for – so there will be almost no chance to find it later using common search tools.
  • In forward mode with original message citing, the sender’s address is also changed. Needless to say, the original formatting is lost as well.

Redirect for Outlook is intended to solve this problem. ‘Redirect’ button is added next to ‘Reply’ and ‘Forward’ buttons on the Toolbar as well as the corresponding context menu item. When pressing this button, a new message, fully identical to original one, is created. Original message headers are sent as an attachment of redirected message. Redirect for Outlook plug-in on recipient’s side extracts original headers and fully recreates the original message exactly as it was initially received.

Redirect for Outlook trial version will work for 30 days without any limitations. You can download free trial version at MAPILab.Com web site.

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