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15 March 2018

Duplicate Email Remover has been updated!

We are proud to present a new version of our ultimate app for finding and removing of duplicated emails in Outlook. Duplicate Email Remover is a really smart and convenient tool that allows you to find and remove Outlook message and post duplicates easily and efficiently.

In the presented version of the add-in we have added a new filter which allows specifying the date range in the bound of which the add-in will scan the messages for duplicates. Previously, the users can select the predefined values only (day ago, month ago, year ago, etc,) but it was not flexible enough. Finding of the duplicates on the huge message base can take hours but it is possible to scan the message base by the parts now.

Remove duplicated emails in Outlook

The most obvious example - any issues with Exchange Server, when the number of emails were downloaded to your local Outlook storage some times. If you know that mentioned failure occured a couple of days ago, you just can define these dates in Duplicate Email Remover's filter to make the message processing more fast and productive.

You are welcome to update the product on the Duplicates Email Remover homepage.

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