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12 May 2010

New homepage and new version of MAPILab Statistics

Being a corporate solution, MAPILab Statistics requires more reliable presentation facilities for users and potential customers. Especially for these purposes we are launching web-site: a new homepage for MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint. This web-site was developed on SharePoint platform and it contains all required details regarding MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint. Visitors can read solution descriptions, watch screenshots and video-casts, schedule online meeting with MAPILab representatives, download a free trial or new versions of the product, learn the licensing models and get a quote.

We hope will be a right and convenient place to understand and choose MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint.

We also would like to announce the release of MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint v.3.0!

The main innovation of this version is MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint web part added on multiple requests of the product users. With this convenient tool the administrator is enabled to add the reports of MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint to any web-part page on the portal. Web part is supplied together with the newest version (v.3.0) of the product.

30-day free trial version of MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint is available for evaluation from

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