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24 February 2010

New version of MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint with powerful filtering system

MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint We are glad to inform you about the release of the new version of MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint software solution (version

New version of the product contains a powerful filter system which allows you to collect only really necessary data.

This functionality was added to the MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint based on the existing product users’ requests. First of all, the filter system gives you the possibility to exclude any service requests generated by search engines and internal services, to avoid source data contamination. It also allows you to exclude events like visiting various service pages by a user (SharePoint administration pages, statistic reports viewing pages, etc.) from the statistical data.

Exclusion of the above mentioned data helps you significantly decrease the stored data volume and database server load.

The filtering system provides multi-level filtration for the farm-level, and for the site-collections and sites level as well. There is a possibility to filter the data with 36 various parameters analyzing: UserAgent line, IP-address, user identification fields, fields with document and SharePoint list entries information, etc. Filtering rules are processed asynchronously without increasing web-servers response time.

You can find more detailed information about the new version of MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint and download its free 30 days demo in the product home page.

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