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9 December 2016

A new version of MAPILab Toolbox is available!

MAPILab Toolbox for OutlookMAPILab Toolbox is a set of 19 different Outlook apps for the price of one! This is really 'must-have' add-in for automation of daily routine operations with Outlook and achievement high-level of email messages processing. The most important (but not all!) add-in features: schedule message sending by time or quantity; access files through email; autofill message fields; manage your maillists and many more! Another important thing is the fact that add-in allows you to choose and use only necessary apps included in MAPILab Toolbox, so you will not have any excess apps which are never used but take your system resources.

In the new version of MAPILab Toolbox (v.3.5), new component (app) have been added: Message Search Assistant component: this app enables you search in the current folder, for the messages with the same subject line, and senderís e-mail address, name and domain as well. Instead of standard Outlook search features, Message Search Assistance allows you to perform searching actions in two mouse clicks and makes some daily operations much more easy and convenient, for example, searching emails from one respondent with different email address or deleting annoying spam thread from the same domain or with the same subject.

You are welcome to know details about Message Search Assistant and update the software at the MAPILab Toolbox for Outlook homepage.

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