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24 April 2014

A new version of Native POP3 Connector

Native POP3 Connector We are glad to announce a new version of Native POP3 Connector - a solution allows to receive incoming mail through the POP3 protocol for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003. In the new version of the product OpenSSL has been updated to 1.0.1g and this fix allows to avoid Heartbleed security bug.

Our other popular POP3 solution for Exchange 2007/2010/2013 - MAPILab POP3 Connector doesn't related with this issue because of its TLS/SSL implementation don't use OpenSSL, but a custom library written in C# with no unsafe code blocks, which means exploits based on buffer overruns are not even possible.

We strongly recommend obtaining the new version (v.2.6.0) for all Native POP3 Connector users. The product can be downloaded from its homepage.

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