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27 November 2018

New version of Send Personally for Outlook is released!

We are glad to present a new version of Send Personally add-in - the most handy tool for mass mailing in Outlook. You can send personalized emails to your contacts or Contact Groups - the recipient will see only his/her name in the 'To' field and greeting lines.

Send Personally in Outlook 2019 ribbon

The presented version of the app includes a range of useful functional and interface improvements. Take a look to the most interesting ones among them:

  • Custom separate folder for saving individual messages sent with Send Personally: you can keep your regular 'Sent Items' folder from overloading by your mailouts.
  • Default macros for the recipients whose names are absent in Outlook contacts: if you wish to use an intelligent personal salutation in your email, you can now set your default macro for the cases when some contact details are missed. 
  • Recipients list preview in the progress bar window: you can see there exactly how your recipients' first, middle and last name macros will be used in your personalized messages.

And finally - the add-in is fully compatibility with Microsoft Outlook 2019 now!

As usual, the full list of changes presented in this release is available in the add-in's version history page; we also have published the article 'Smart mass-mailing with Send Personally in Microsoft Outlook 2019' where all new features are described in detail.

You are welcome to update the add-in on the Send Personally for Outlook homepage.

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