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MAPILab Disclaimers for Exchange

Current version: 1.12.4178, released on 11.06.2021

Discontinued product: no longer developed, sold and serviced

  • The licenses can no longer be purchased after 7/1/2022.
  • We guarantee technical support for all licensed products until 7/1/2025.
  • If you need to get the last available version of the software or have any additional questions, please contact our customer care.

MAPILab Disclaimers for Exchange is a solution for the centralized management of signatures and disclaimers in corporate mail messages.

MAPILab Disclaimers for Exchange will help not only to meet email messaging standards and requirements but also will transform each outgoing message into an effective marketing tool by adding the necessary text and visual information about your company.

By the means of the product’s embedded visual editor the process of creating and editing of disclaimers/signatures becomes much easier, and the convenient system of rules will allow applying necessary signatures to the selected divisions of the company or to certain employees.

MAPILab Disclaimers for Exchange consists of two components – management console, which can be installed on any workstation in domain and transport agents installed onto Exchange servers.

MAPILab Disclaimers is a solution for Microsoft Exchange Server. For automatic substitution of actual data in outgoing messages in Microsoft Outlook, please try another MAPILab software — Live Signatures.

Product Features:

  • Visual editor with support of all types of files (html, rtf, txt) will allow to create necessary disclaimers and signatures quickly.

  • Different signatures for different users: the system of rules consisting of conditions, actions and exceptions enables to create unique signature templates, and apply them to separate users or groups of users.

  • Integration with Active Directory and possibility to use macros (phones, addresses, names of divisions etc.) in signature templates will enable to create signatures with dynamic content.

  • Ability to insert images into the signature such as company logos, banners etc.

  • Built-in tester will allow to preview the created signature or notification in a real message and to verify correctness of settings of disclaimer application rules.

  • A special centralized monitoring system of the current status and overall performance of the product. The entire system of rules can be controlled from a single console.

  • The installation process and product management is unified for all Exchange versions. Product installation and deployment is performed with the help of a convenient installation wizard, while management (setup and adjustment of message selection rules for application of necessary signatures) is carried out by means of the console. The company-wide product deployment is possible from any single computer/server, which could be also used to setup and adjust rules for all Exchange servers in the company.

  • You don’t need different solutions for different versions of Exchange servers: MAPILab Disclaimers for Exchange works with Microsoft Exchange 2019-2003 and Microsoft SBS.

MAPILab Disclaimers for Exchange and built-in Exchange Server disclaimer functionality comparison

Feature MAPILab Disclaimers
for Exchange
Built-in Exchange Server
disclaimer functionality
Exchange versions support Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 supported. A unified solution with extended functionality for any version of Exchange Server. Functionality differs in Exchange Server 2019-2007. No functionality in Exchange Server 2003.
Mixed Exchange versions environment support No negative issues with operations in environment with mixed versions of Exchange. Problems with correct settings of disclaimers may occur.
Disclaimers creation and editing Advanced visual editor for disclaimers and signatures. The ability to create and edit different body types for disclaimers: HTML, RTF, plain text. Disclaimer creation method is actually a rule creation process. Only HTML mark-up is supported.
Disclaimers preview mode A special wizard allows you to test the disclaimer by applying it to your existing email messages. No such feature.
AD macros support Wide list of the macros. Macros for senders, recipients, and for user s who apply the "send on behalf" option are available. AD macros are supported for sender data. The list of macros is limited.
Custom macros support Creation of macros with custom values. This allows you to use such macros in some disclaimer templates. For example: the number of company’s general phone. No such feature.
Images and banners in disclaimers and signatures The visual editor allows you to add static images in disclaimer templates. These images will be embedded into your message. AD user photos may be added to the message. No such feature.
Reusable disclaimer and signature templates Just choose any of earlier saved templates to create a new one on the basis of an existing one. Copy-paste of the existing template’s content required to create a new template.
Automatic deletion of duplicate disclaimers in a single conversation "One disclaimer for the whole conversation" setting – avoids generation of a long tail with repeating content. A disclaimer for each new reply is applied in all cases.
Legal disclaimers Included templates of legal disclaimers – just add your company’s identity and send emails with legal disclaimers. No legal disclaimers templates are included.
MAPILab Disclaimers for Exchange video tours Look through the video tutorial tours to learn more about our product workings and configuration settings
Product Home Page
End User License Agreement (EULA)
Administrator’s Guide
Technical Details
User testimonials
We are using MAPILab POP3 Connector and MAPILab Disclaimers for Exchange and we are very satisfied with the products. Easy install and rapid deployment, and very user-friendly configuration. Even doing an upgrade is easy.

Martijn van Geffen
Inter Assure

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