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Microsoft Outlook add-ins for personalized mailing

MAPILab add-ins for personalized mailing in Microsoft Outlook Send Personally for Outlook and Mail Merge Toolkit are two add-ins which allow you to send personalized messages. The first one, Send Personally, is very easy to use and it includes a number of useful features:

  • Sending messages with attachments;
  • Sending messages in HTML, Rich Text and Plain Text formats;
  • Personalizing messages using macros: Name, Email, etc.

With Send Personally for Outlook you will not have to write “Dear Sir/Madam” in the message greeting line when you send a message to several recipients. “Dear John Smith” looks much better, don't you agree with us? Send Personally adds its own button to Outlook toolbar or ribbon. You just need to write a message, add the message recipients (e-mail addresses, contacts, distribution list) and click “Send Personally” button to send a separate personal copy of your message to every single recipient.

Mail Merge Toolkit is more powerful tool. You can write a message in Microsoft Outlook or Publisher and send it by a list of recipients created in Microsoft Excel or Access (or stored in .CSV file, or loaded from SQL Database!). You can use all power of Microsoft Mail Merge feature in Microsoft Office and improve it with the new possibilities such as:

  • Sending messages with attachments or with personal attachments for every single recipient;
  • Sending messages in HTML or Plain Text format or as RTF attachment;
  • Sending messages with personal data in “CC:” or “BCC:” message fields.

If you often used Mail Merge feature in Microsoft Office you will like Mail Merge Toolkit because you don’t have to spend a time to learn how to use this product. You can start using it immediately. For those who have not tried this excellent feature yet we advise to watch the Tutorial Tour.

Still not sure which one is suiting your needs? Download both and try them right now!

Send Personally   

Send Personally for Outlook

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             Mail Merge Toolkit   

Mail Merge Toolkit

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