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Easy Survey

Easy Survey

Current version: 1.3.3

Dear users, we have to inform you that Easy Survey add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook is no longer supported and can not be purchased since March 1, 2011.

We had to stop distribution of this product because Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010 removes a lot of HTML tags and do not allow users to fill in the HTML forms. Easy Survey is to be non-operated after that. To learn more about blocked tags look at the following topic in Microsoft KB.

All users, who purchased the program are to be provided with full technical support within one year (according to End User License Agreement). After this period you won't be able to renew your license and get technical support.

Easy Survey is an add-in for Microsoft Office Pro, designed for the creation and conduction of surveys.

In contrast to other survey applications, Easy Survey uses Microsoft Access for its form creation. It allows the user to make the survey form quickly and simply. All you have to do is create the essential tables in Microsoft Access and then the Form for the survey based on these tables. After that the Easy Survey Wizard will help you to make a "Survey Project" which you can use in Microsoft Outlook.

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Once the "Survey Project" is created, this special add-in for Microsoft Office Pro will create an HTML message with the questionnaire which can be sent in just two mouse clicks. The respondent fills in the received form and clicks the form submitting button to return it to the sender. The same add-in will process incoming messages in Microsoft Outlook, select the ones with the survey results and input the data into the Microsoft Access table which you have created.

Not only can you distribute an HTML survey form created by the wizard via e-mail, you can also publish it on a web-site or put it on a CD. The respondents will fill in the form in their browser window, and the filled in questionnaire will be sent directly to you via e-mail with just one click.

Getting familiar with this add-in for Microsoft Office Pro will take you very little time indeed. You won't need assistance of a system administrator or web-programmer to create and conduct a survey - any skilled user of Microsoft Office can now run surveys on his/her own straight from his/her computer. Expensive and complicated survey applications no longer need be the norm!

Easy Survey is fully compatible with:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / 2003 / XP;
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2002/XP;


What's new in Easy Survey?

Version 1.3.3 - released on June 15, 2005

  • Several small bugs have been fixed.

Version 1.3.2 - released on May 6, 2005

  • Several small bugs have been fixed.

Version 1.3.1 - released on April 18, 2005

  • Supporting of Cached Exchange Mode has been added.

Version 1.2 - released on September 1, 2004

  • Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 compatibility issues have been fixed.
  • Product was tested with Windows XP 64-bit Edition, no known issues.
  • Product was tested with Windows XP and AMD Athlon 64, no known issues.
  • Demo tour has been added (see Easy Survey menu in Start\Programs).

Version 1.1 - released on March 17, 2004

  • Codepage fix in Microsoft Access wizard.
  • Some interface changes have been made.

Version 1.0 - released on January 16, 2004

  • Justification of text tables has been corrected.
  • ASP and PHP scripts for the publishing of surveys on web servers has been added.

Version 1.0b Ч released on December 9, 2003

  • First public version.

User Testimonials
I started to use Easy Survey and I discovered it is really easy and useful. The best software to creation and conduction of surveys. Thank you MAPILab company!


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