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MAPILab Search for Exchange End User License Agreement

This license agreement is concluded between MAPILab Ltd. (hereinafter Mapilab) and you (the collective user, an authorized representative of a commercial or government organization or private person).

Installation and usage of the software product MAPILab Search for Exchange (hereinafter the Product) by you, indicates your acceptance of all points of the license agreement set forth below. If you do not agree with the proposed agreement, then you are obligated to refuse installing and using the Product.

  1. Rights to the Product

    1.1 All rights to the belong to Mapilab and and they are protected by the copyright laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and by international treaties. This product is not sold, this product is licensed.

    1.2 This license agreement gives you a nonexclusive right to use the product with the limitations specified in this agreement.

    1.3 This license to use the Product may not be resold or transferred to third parties or rented without the written permission of copyright holders.

    1.4 The license does not grant the right to modify, decompile, disassembly, and cloning of the Product, except in, and within the limits of, cases when such actions are expressly authorized by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

    1.5 Mapilab reserves all rights that are not clearly indicated in the license.

  2. Licensing terms for Product

    The Product is licensed according to the following principle: the number of licenses must be equal to the total number of mailboxes in your organization whose messages will be processed by the Product. The Product components can be installed on any number of servers and workstations without limitations.

  3. Test license and a trial period

    3.1. If you install the product without the purchase of a license, Mapilab provides you a one-time, 30-day trial license to test the product and most of its functions.

    3.2. This agreement presupposes that you have used the product and used the test license with the intent to acquire a license for the Product after a successful test. Mapilab may contact you to discuss the progress of the testing of the product and the obtaining of a license.

    3.3. After the expiration of the test license, you must purchase a license for the Product or stop using it and delete all installed copies of the Product.

  4. Disclaimer

    4.1. Mapilab is not responsible for any loss of profit, or for any other damages arising from use or misuse of the Product. The Product is used at your own risk.

    4.2. Mapilab is not responsible if the Product ceases to function due to changes in your IT-infrastructure.

  5. Confidential information

    5.1. Any log files of the Product, access credentials, and other information about your infrastructure, which has been given to Mapilab by you shall be deemed confidential information.

    5.2. If not specifically stated otherwise, Mapilab has the right to send confidential information to its authorized representatives, and to transfer such information outside of your country.

    5.3. Mapilab is obligated not to keep your confidential information more than two years and to take all reasonable steps to protect it.

    5.4. The fact that you acquire a license or licenses for the Product is not considered confidential information, unless otherwise stated, and may be mentioned on the Product web sites and in marketing materials.

  6. Refunds

    6.1. For testing of the Product, a free test license is granted, according to Section 3. Failure on your side to test the Product before buying it cannot serve as grounds for a refund.

    6.2. To obtain a refund it is necessary, but not sufficient in itself, to provide Mapilab, in any convenient manner, a letter of request outlining the reasons why you want to have funds returned for the Product.

    6.3. You are obligated to assist employees of Mapilab in the researching of the stated reason(s) for a refund and its (their) resolution in a timely manner, for up to 45 days from the reception of your letter.

  7. Technical support and Product updates

    7.1. The price of the license for the product includes the cost of technical support and product updates for ONE year from the date of the acquisition of the license. After the expiration of this period, you can continue to use your version of the Product without any limitations, purchase a subscription for technical support and Product upgrades, or purchase a new version of the Product as it becomes available.

    7.2. You must have a competent technical staff to deploy and service the product and contact the technical support service.

    7.3. All requests for technical support must be made through the online support system on the site of the Product (

Violation of the terms of this License Agreement shall result in the automatic termination of the license to use the Product and could result in administrative and / or criminal prosecution.

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