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What's new in Attachments Processor for Outlook?

Version 5.0.2 - released on April 11, 2023

  • Multiple compatibility fixes with the recent Microsoft security updates

Version 5.0.1 - released on February 10, 2023

  • New: for N-User license, the number of licensed users is now displayed in the program “About” window
  • Fixed: marking processed messages as Read/Unread if the rule is configured at Scheduler

Version 5.0 - released on August 24, 2022

  • Compatibility with Windows 11.
  • Compatibility with Outlook 2021 and Outlook 365 for Windows the latest versions and builds.
  • Delay is added for the rules which process incoming messages automatically. That helps avoid possible conflicts with the native Outlook rules and mail security software.
  • Fixed an issue with using shortcuts to saved attachments.
  • Fixed an issue with selecting and processing Search Folders, shared folders, and additional mailboxes.
  • Licensing model of the product is changed: starting from version 5.0, the subscription-based licensing is applied.
  • Add-in interface updates:
    • Archiving options for outgoing emails are merged to a single tab.
    • Support of resizing for the window and columns in the rule list in the Advanced mode.

Version 4.8 - released on September 25, 2019

New: processing archives with keeping folder structure is now supported.

Version 4.7 - released on November 13, 2017

  • Fixed: the method of handling shortcuts attached to the messages while replacing files extracted by the add-in is corrected. The June and July 2017 Security Updates for Microsoft Office change the settings which block displaying numerous attachments (file types) in the Outlook email client, incl. shortcuts added by our tool. New context menu option - "Open linked file" - lets our customers continue using Attachments Processor rules for replacing attached files in the messages with the LNK-shortcuts, and reduce that way their mailbox size.
  • The "Blocked Attachments Settings" tool is updated: compatibility with the June and July 2017 Security Updates for Microsoft Office is added.
  • The mechanism of recognizing the method of attaching a file to the message is improved: in some cases, the regular attachments could be recognized as the embedded ones.
  • Correction of the mass processing and recovering files mechanism by using the add-in option from the main Outlook 2016 menu; that solves the issue with probable "freezing" and incorrect cancellation of the add-in operation.
  • New: the tool for conversion of old shortcuts to the new format is added - new shortcuts are fully supported by recent Microsoft updates for Outlook. The new option "Convert attached references to LNK-files" is added to the context menu in email folders and for selected messages.

Version 4.6 - released on September 18, 2017

  • Fixed: an installation issue is resolved, for the computer users with limited permissions (i.e. Standard Users), the issue previously prevented the add-in from appearing in the limited user's Outlook toolbars.
  • Corrected: the error "Unknown error 0xC1F40201" known with sending digitally signed messages is fixed (compatibility with a 3rd-party application for adding digital signature may depend on current software configuration).
  • Updated: message filtering system for the emails with embedded attachments; new setting: "Apply to embedded attachments too" is added to the rule tabs "Files" and "Message filters". Now the type of inserted objects to the message can affect filtering messages, which enables exclusion of messages with embedded attachments (tabs, images in the message body) at the level of sorting messages for further processing.

Version - released on May 23, 2017

  • Sorting rules by Name is supported now.
  • Resize of the add-in Options dialogue window is supported.
  • Corrected: the behavior with removing auto processing check-marks after moving rules in the list by using the "Up" and "Down" buttons in Options.
  • New: mechanism for fixing loading issues in Office Outlook is added: the link in Windows menu Start-> Programs-> Attachments Processor.

Version - released on February 9, 2017

An update for the mechanism for prevention of a system security warning from Outlook when trying to access items has been implemented. This warning appeared in systems of some languages after installation of Outlook 2016.

Version 4.5 - released on October 14, 2015

Support for Microsoft Outlook 2016 and Windows 10 has been added.

Version 4.4.3 - released on March 27, 2014

Compatibility with Microsoft Office 2013 Service Pack 1 is added.

Version 4.4.2 - released on November 16, 2012

Microsoft Office 2013 and Windows 8 support has been added.

Version 4.4 - released on January 24, 2011

Microsoft Office 2010 (64-bit editions) support has been added.

Version 4.3.2 - released on July 22, 2010

Problem with the links in Outlook 2010 has been fixed.

Version 4.3 - released on January 23, 2009

Support for Microsoft Outlook 2007 hotfix package KB958789 has been added.

Version 4.2 - released on August 09, 2007

  • Error with unlimited growing handles was fixed.
  • Error with Microsoft Outlook security system was fixed.
  • Several errors with Microsoft Vista were fixed.

Version 4.1 - released on December 12, 2006

Support for Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 has been added.

Version 4.0 - released on May 23, 2006

  • Following actions can be applied to processed message:
    • marked as Read;
    • marked as Unread;
    • marked with a Flag;
    • copied into the specified folder;
    • moved into the specified folder
    • assigned a category
  • Secured messages can be processed now.
  • Search folders processing is added.
  • Option to hide the standard Outlook "Forward" button is added.
  • Option to "Show the 'Restore Attachments...' button in the message context menu is added.
  • Possibility to restore attachments in the selected messages (using context menu) is added.
  • Bug with displaying the message "No error occured" is fixed.
  • Bug with processing of variables in the outgoing messages is fixed.
  • Bug with the selection of email address (when several emails are listed in one field) is fixed.
  • Bug with start-up freezing (when IMAP account is configured in Outlook) is fixed. Note! Procession of the messages in IMAP account is not supported.
  • Bug with restoring attachments from the embedded messages is fixed.
  • Bug with displaying of the email addresses (after the attachments restoring) is fixed.

Version 3.2 - released on February 13, 2006

German language is supported now.

Version 3.1 - released on November 9, 2005

Bug fixed version.

Version 3.0 - released on October 5, 2005

Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 3.0 beta - released on September 15, 2005

  • The possibility to process the incoming and outgoing messages has been added.
  • The possibility to archive attachments in the incoming and outgoing messages has been added. Also, you can save attachments to archive in your hard drive. Password Manager can be used both when a password is set up for each specified user for archives in incoming and outgoing messages. You can automatically use a password during a send or receive operation of archives with a password. You can archive any attachments by using Attachments Processor Rules or common settings for archiving of outgoing attachments during the send or forward operation.
  • A new filter which allows you to use the message recipient data has been added.
  • Several bug fixes with filters.

Version 2.4 - released on June 23, 2005

Bug fixes.

Version 2.3 - released on June 14, 2005

  • Daily scheduling options were added to the scheduler.
  • Wildcards were added to the senders filters.
  • Error with the utility "update links" has been fixed.
  • Error with forwarding\restoring attachments after moving messages to another storage location has been fixed.
  • Error with the processing of embedded messages has been fixed.

Version 2.2 - released on May 16, 2005

  • Fixed error with "Skip early processed messages" flag.
  • Fixed error with embedded attachments.
  • New flag "Process embedded attachments".
  • Now you can use ! symbol in the filename filter to skip unwanted attachments.
  • Now you can use ! symbol in the subject filter to skip unwanted messages.

Version 2.1 - released on April 12, 2005

  • Out of memory or system resources' error has been fixed.
  • SMTP email translation was added for Exchange accounts.
  • Several other minor fixes.

Version 2.0 - released on March 22, 2005

  • Possibility to complete the recovery of deleted attachments.
  • Auto reattach of attachments for forwarded and sent messages.
  • Auto replace the shortcuts to the files for forwarded and sent messages.
  • Filters for the processing of messages and attachments.
  • Automatic processing mode for incoming attachments by scheduler.
  • Advanced options for folder creation.
  • Advanced options for file renaming.
  • Quick download folder structures (for remote and public folders).
  • Auto delete of stored attachments when the message has been deleted from the "Deleted" folder (deleting, deleting to the Recycle Bin or replacing to another folder are possible options).
  • Compacting message storages after attachment removal, including compacting by schedule.
  • Possibility to change the view of Attachments Processor's Toolbar, Menu and Options has been added.
  • Attachments processing for the current folder.
  • Attachments processing for the selected messages in the current folder.

Version 1.31 - released on August 31, 2004

  • Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 compatibility issues are fixed.
  • Product was tested with Windows XP 64-bit Edition, no known issues.
  • Product was tested with Windows XP and AMD Athlon 64, no known issues.

Version 1.3 - released on August 1, 2004

Changed type of installer. Program now uses InstallShield.

Version 1.2 - released on May 20, 2004

Multi-rules issue has been fixed.

Version 1.1 - released on March 16, 2004

Bug with attachment renaming has been fixed.

Version 1.0 - released on January 20, 2004

First public version.

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