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File Send Automatically component

The File Send Automatically is Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows automatic delivery of the files after the file has been changed. It is very useful if you plan to send the price-list to all your partners after you have edited it. Or do you need to send the newest version of the program for testing? File Send Automatically will help you to do it quickly and simply! This Outlook add-in tracks the specified files and sends it out to specified email addresses as soon as any changes have been applied to the file. It is also possible to set a certain delay before sending the files – this is very useful in case if the file is saved several times while editing and you don’t want an intermediate version of the file to be sent. After sending is completed, File Send Automatically can rename the files, move them to another folder or delete. Save your time with File Send Automatically!

The File Send Automatically allows you to:

  • save your time thanks to the automation of the sending process;
  • send out one or several files in one or separate messages;
  • archive the outgoing files;
  • send the enclosed files in the message body or as a regular attachments;
  • monitor the necessary file types in the selected folder using the file masks (wildcards).
  • rename/relocate/delete the files after sending them;
  • specify the delay, during which the file is not going to be sent, because some changes might be applied to it.

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Example of component use:

Do you need to send the price list to your regional partners after you have made some changes in it? With the help of this Microsoft Outlook add-in you can automate this process.

First of all, you should make sure that the File Send Automatically is enabled. For that, after installing MAPILab Toolbox, make sure that the box of the add-in is checked in the settings of MAPILab Toolbox (menu “Tools” > “MAPILab Toolbox” > “Options”):

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Now it is necessary to create a rule that will allow this Outlook add-in to send out new versions of the price-list to the regional partners. In the component’s settings (menu “Tools” > “MAPILab Toolbox” > “File Send Automatically”), on the “General” tab, you should enter the rule’s name (e.g. “Price-list for regional partners”), select the necessary file (or group of files, in this case the option “Send all files in one message” must be checked in order to send all file in one message). Enter the subject of the message which is going to be sent automatically (e.g. “New version of price-list”) as well as the recipients of the message:

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On the “Advanced” tab it is possible to create the body template for the automatically sent message:

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Also, select the following options:

  • Archive attached file(s) – to place the outgoing file in the archive. This will help to lower the traffic when sending messages to a big number of recipients;
  • Send with delay xx seconds – to send the message with a delay of xx seconds, where xx – the number of seconds, which is a delay before sending the file after it has been modified.

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Click the "OK" button and the new rule will be created. This rule will allow the File Send Automatically to send the modified version of the price-list to your regional partners.

As soon as you make any changes to the file, Outlook add-in will start the countdown (according to the specified delay) and if the file is not changed during this time, the program will send it out. If the changes are made, the countdown will start again.

The File Send Automatically component is one of the 19 add-ins included into the program MAPILab Toolbox. You can learn more about other Microsoft Outlook add-ins and download the trial version at the MAPILab Toolbox product page.

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Have been using MAPILab Toolbox programmes for a couple of years now and have found the programmes of excellent quality and resource. Did have a short period with a problem with "templates" but the service from over the pond was excellent and the problem was solved.

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