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Save attachments from outlook

Outlook addon Attachments Processor for Outlook can save attachments on the disk. While saving the data it checks the size of the saved file and after the size has been checked Outlook addon makes changes in the message. There are some situations when file can't be saved, in this case the incoming message stays in its original form without any changes. This algorithm prevents attachment from damaging and loss.

What's more Attachments Processor is able to save multiple attachments from outlook saving the list of all possible changes applied to the message in a database. This option allows to fully restore the message. For that function you can use “Restore Attachments” utility which is included into Attachments Processor.

Use “Update Links” to change the location of your saved attachments. This utility is designed to help you modify the data in the shortcuts. It means that after moving attachments to another store the shortcuts are automatically updated and point to the corresponding files.

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I have been using Attachments Processor for my corporate email, and given me countless hours of productivity back. Given the number of document-heavy projects I work on with people outside of our company, my gigabyte quota would only get me through about three months of email. With Attachments Processor, I can now keep two years of email in my inbox because the attachments are stored in My Documents. In addition to enabling me to keep project correspondence together on the email server instead of scattered across PSTs, I have saved many wasted project hours on the onerous job of sorting, archiving and deleting email just so the flow of critical project documentation isn't locked down by quota restrictions. It's amazing how much this automation has improved my productivity!

David Robinson
Hitachi Data Systems

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