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What's new in MAPILab NNTP for Outlook?

Version 1.50 released at December 12, 2006

Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista compatible (all editions).

Version 1.40 released at February 3, 2006

  • Microsoft Office 12 Beta 1 compatible.
  • Improvements in newsgroups subscription.

Version 1.32 released at April 4, 2005

  • Fix for the posting in a situation, where you have the same newsgroups in the different accounts.
  • Fix for Microsoft Outlook 2000 installed without MAPI subsystem.

Version 1.31 released at January 4, 2005

  • Small fixes in German.
  • Some small improvements.

Version 1.30 released at December 13, 2004

  • German language is added.
  • Issue with Disconnected state of Outlook 2003 has been fixed.

Version 1.25 released at November 18, 2004

  • Duplicates issues have been fixed.
  • Issues with SSL connections has been fixed.
  • Newsgroup subscription issue has been fixed.

Version 1.24 released at August 27, 2004

Product video tours have been updated.

Version 1.23 released at August 20, 2004

  • Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 compatibility issues have been fixed.
  • Send/Receive progress bar in Outlook 2003 with Service Pack 1 is now drawing correctly.
  • Product was tested with Windows XP 64-bit Edition, no known issues.
  • Product was tested with Windows XP and AMD Athlon 64, no known issues.
  • Large fonts (120 dpi) issue with properties dialogue has been fixed.

Version 1.21 released at July 22, 2004

Few bugs have been fixed, including the issue with the filling of the subject field.

Version 1.2 released at July 13, 2004

  • Dial-up support was added, see Connection tab in account's properties.
  • Setup wizard for Outlook 2000 Profile Manager was added.
  • Demo tour was added (also available online).
  • Articles cache to optimize the downloading from several accounts has been added.

Version 1.01 released at June 2, 2004

  • Special workaround for Send/Receive progress bar drawing in Outlook 2003.
  • When you reply to newsgroups, the subject automatically is filled up.
  • Transport automatically downloads a list of new newsgroups from the server weekly.
  • Subjects in MIME encoding are displayed correctly in remote mail headers mode now.
  • Program has been strongly optimized.

Version 1.0 released on May 25, 2004

First public version has been released.

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Great product! I use the software every day in my work. Using this software I can participate in newsgroups in a simple and easy way.

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