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How to do mail merge in ms word

It's a known fact: most users operate with email on daily basis. You spend a lot of time sending various emails and checking your mailbox.

But now, you can use a special addon that helps you while doing your email-related work. Creating a mail merge in Word takes a few minutes with the help of Mail Merge Toolkit app. If you don't know how to do a mail merge in ms word or don't understand how it can optimize your mailout practice, you can see the short videos below to clarify the process:

How to Mail Merge with attachment in Word

How to Mail Merge with individual attachments in Word

How to Mail Merge with PDF attachment in Word

How to Mail Merge with Custom Subject Line in Word

Mail Merge Toolkit is designed to extend the abilities of mailing with usage of mail merge feature in Microsoft Outlook, Word and Publisher programs. This program is ideal both for corporate and private usings. You can perform a mail merge in Word and insert custom data into the email subject line with a help of Mail Merge Toolkit app. Besides that, you will be able to add necessary data as email attachments and send emails in various formats including GIF, HTML, RTF.

Visit Mail Merge Toolkit homepage and try free 30-day trial to recognize the best experience with email-related operations in MS Word and Outlook!

Download Mail Merge Toolkit Download a 30-days trial version of Mail Merge Toolkit (33524 KB):
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I love this tool. Mail Merge Toolkit allows me to create personalized mass mailings quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, I love that I don't need to download any other software to use the app. It works seamlessly in Microsoft Office. I can't recommend this app enough for anyone who needs to generate personalized mailings. It's great!

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