Mail Merge Toolkit: Is it safe to use? How secure is my data?

When researching email marketing tools available on the market and choosing the one that fits your needs, data security is one of the main concerns. A lot of modern bulk mailing services require you to upload your sensitive data to some online 3rd party services. And for many users, this situation is not acceptable for many reasons.

This is where Mail Merge Toolkit comes to the rescue. This add-in is developed specifically for Microsoft Office environment (Excel, Word, Publisher, Outlook) and only extends built-in features.

The program is installed and runs locally on your PC, and no data is being transferred to MAPILab in any way. There are no additional 3rd party servers or services involved. This guarantees 100% privacy for email campaign content, attachments, and recipients.

The only information being exchanged with MAPILab is license validation and new version notification, which can be disabled in the settings.

Mail Merge Data Security

The diagram shows the data flow when sending mass emails. Mail Merge Toolkit is an add-in that is installed and runs locally on your computer:

  1. It takes a message template from Microsoft Word filled with data from Excel.
  2. Creates multiple individual emails with different enhancements like attachments, custom subject lines, CC/BCC recepients, sender selection, schedule, etc.
  3. And places those in the Microsoft Outlook Outbox folder.

This way messages are sent by Outlook, using your regular email service, the same way as all your other emails.

You are welcome to download and try Mail Merge Toolkit. The installation file is signed with the Code Signing certificate that confirms the software author and guarantees that installation files have not been altered or corrupted.

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