Microsoft Outlook

How to install, manage or uninstall Outlook add-ins

Outlook Add-ins management – introduction

For an impressively long time, the Microsoft Office suit has been the benchmark in productivity software for its versatility, popularity, practicality, and sheer number of features – so many that its reign as the de-facto standard of about two decades does not seem to be under threat at all.

But even the broadest list of features can leave specialized users desiring for more.
Since the inception of its renowned suite, Microsoft has been working on addressing such niches – leading to the addition
of so-called “add-ins” (also known as “add-ons”, “plug-ins”, and other variations of the word).

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How to add BCC recipient automatically in Outlook 2013

When you send specific message, you may need to send a blind copy to a person, just to let him know the case. That is easy if you send a single message. But sometimes dozens of specific messages a day should be sent to such persons as well, without informing your main recipient about the blind copy. Or, we may need to send a copy to our secondary e-mail. And we can forget to add our hidden recipient to the message.

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What’s MAPILab user saying: “Thank you SO MUCH for the two duplicate remover programs”

The great feedback from one of our thousands respective customers – why Duplicate Email Remover and Duplicates Remover really rock when you are operating with Outlook! The story from Dave:

“I happened across your company and products by accident one day several years ago and they’ve proven invaluable on more occasions that I ever would have expected. I’m sort of a digital packrat, and have most (if not all) of my personal email going back to at least Y2K – delivered to about half a dozen different email addresses with broadcast announcement messages from my ISP etc.

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Outlook add-ins and Outlook Apps: who is who?

As computerization and the Internet have become ubiquitous and electronic mail constitutes the basis of digital communications, it is hard to overestimate the meaning of email clients and their supplementary tools. Although many Internet users prefer a simpler and lighter web interface when they need to access their mailboxes, business and corporate users rarely ignore the vast scope of extra capabilities offered by modern email clients. Presently there is a variety of email clients to satisfy a most fastidious user.

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Free add-in to monitor Outlook public folders

Suggested your scope of responsibilities includes replying to certain requests from customers or partners, or supervising interns dealing with correspondence, or finding relevant materials in the corporate mail flow for other purposes, you probably use Public Folders on your Exchange Server quite often. In essence and architecture, Public Folders in Exchange 2013 are very much resemblant to mailboxes with shared access. They are frequently used by workgroups or entire organizations as an efficient way of collecting, sharing and organizing information, including, above all, incoming correspondence. If a public folder has been mail-enabled and included in a distribution list, a copy of a message sent to this DL is added to the folder as well, so public folders can also be used for archiving purposes within a workgroup. All you need in order to view and access items in a public folder is your Outlook client.

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How to send Outlook emails by schedule

It is a well-known fact that people find it easier to make a promise than to keep one, but when it comes to business commitments, there are no pretexts good enough to break those. Sometimes the rhythm of your professional life is overwhelming, so you need to avail yourself of various tools and techniques not to fall behind with something important. Luckily, there is a huge array of schedulers and reminders that enable you to organize your tasks and perform them in a timely fashion. Many tasks include calling, texting or emailing a business contact. However, what do you do if you have planned to send a message on a certain date, but you are not sure you will have access to your mailbox, or just want to automate this task to unload a potentially busy day? What if your addressee is located in a different time zone, but you need your message to be delivered at the right time of working day?

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Free Outlook Add-in to avoid Outlook security warnings

Has your Microsoft Outlook ever warned you about a mysterious program trying to communicate with the outer world on your behalf by sending a message? Have you ever felt irritated by these instances, or even a bit anxious about them, especially when you are not entirely sure which program or module is trying to access your contact list? Or, on the contrary, you sometimes have to tap ‘Allow’ dozens of times in a row, because relevant settings are nowhere to be found in the standard Outlook Options… Anyway, Outlook security warnings can become really annoying if you have quite a few programs and plug-ins that perform automatic messaging using addresses from your contact list. From this article, you will learn about an easy-to-use, efficient, and safe workaround for this issue.

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Five reasons to save Outlook email attachments on a separate storage

Do you often exchange documents and images with your customers or partners? Do you send bulky files to your colleagues for reviewing and reporting? In other words, does your mail flow contain a lot of attached files? If the answer is yes, you probably have already considered the need for optimization of attachments storage. If the answer is no, it is very likely that you haven’t actually counted, have you? Once you count the files and calculate how much disk space they occupy, not to mention the load on Outlook productivity, you may start to find the idea of reorganizing your attachments more appealing. The most obvious way to do it in a corporate environment is to allocate a separate storage folder on an in-house file server. Moreover, this simple solution is fairly beneficial, and we will give you five reasons why it is totally worth it.

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Sending Outlook emails after approval only

A new face in the company is not just ‘fresh blood’, ambition-driven diligence, and some new jokes at lunchtime. A new employee is also a great deal of responsibility for his superiors and supervisors. Even if the vacancy requires a great deal of qualifications from the applicant, there is some learning to be done in order to get acquainted with the company’s specifics and policies. And in this case new employees still have a certain probation period during which they have to prove that they are capable of performing their tasks.

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How to monitor folders and get updated files automatically with Outlook?

In one of the previous articles we learned how to send files automatically in Outlook in reply to a request message using MAPILab Toolbox. Taking into consideration how rapidly business environment is changing, it is no wonder that commercial documents, such as pricelists, special offers, and catalogues are updated rather frequently. If you have an audience that you need to keep informed of the changes you make, sending out new versions of such documents adds up to your routine even if you use automatic tools and mass mailing solutions. However, there is a solution that enables to send out updated version of documents in question as soon as you have made some changes in the document. If you already use MAPILab Toolbox for Outlook, you might have noticed the File Send Automatically component in the list of add-in features. In the present article we will dwell upon the capabilities of this tool and possible application.

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