Mail merge with attachments in Outlook

If you work in Microsoft Office and sometimes need to send out large, personalized mailings, you probably know that the basic package provides the essential means to achieve this task. The Mail Merge feature, introduced in Word 2002, has proven to be an invaluable tool for performing this type of business correspondence for a stupendous number of people.

If you send out massive staff notification mailings or business offers to your clients, if you manage a recruitment agency with a massive database, or even if you just find that personalized newsletters are a necessity – nothing else available in Office really comes close.

Mail Merge in Word

Mail Merge has the ability to produce a virtually infinite number of copies of the same text document with any given user-defined personal variables. For instance, if you intend to send basically the same document as an email message to a number of recipients but include the personal information such as first and last name, home and business addresses, etc., you can do it as professional and accurate as possible using Mail Merge’s personalization tools. These tools allow to keep both the anonymity of other recipients from each other, and to greet each one of them using their own names and titles in the message body.

Mail Merge in Word

This is scenario is done by conveniently placing the user-friendly macros beside the greeting lines and other critical points of the message during its composition in Word. Later, during the actual mail generation, Word accesses the designated contacts base – either the regular Outlook Contacts storage (thanks to the seamless integration between these Microsoft Office components) or an external data-source file (it could be any database-enabled file format – a Microsoft Access file or an Excel table, to name a few) and inserts the actual individual data of the recipient instead of the macro. As the result, each recipient will receive your intended message as if it were designed exclusively for him or her, with only their email address visible in the “TO:” field of the message and their own names and other individual data instead of the placeholders.

Mail Merge in Word

We at MAPILab have been working to improve the Mail Merge tool and its personalization possibilities even further, and are introducing the Mail Merge Toolkit: a feature-rich add-in (a software upgrade which uses Microsoft Office as the main platform, while only including the necessary software library files as an addition to the primary pool) that aims to extend the list of available features with its own unique mass mail personalization and productivity functions.

NOTE! The special offer is available now – 10% discount for Mail Merge Toolkit license!

Mail Merge in Excel

One of the most important and welcome additions has been the inclusion of the individual attachments in Mail Merge. Mail Merge with attachments opens even more possibilities to conduct business correspondence precisely and competently. The know-how is simple: to perform a mail merge with attachment, a file location is included beside the intended recipient in the data-source file, and after that – a special macro is specified within the extended Mail Merge finalization window’s “Attachment” field. A Mail Merge attachment will be sent and delivered to the unique recipient as seamlessly and conveniently as a regular file attached to an email message would. If there is no more than one unique recipient per attached file, you can even name your Mail Merge attachments according to the person who is going to receive it (multiple recipients who are going to receive the same file, or even split bunches of recipients and different bunch-dependent files are possible with the Mail Merge with attachments feature as well).

Mail Merge Attachments

You are welcome to watch the short video created by our friends from Webucator training service. It shows how to perform a mail merge with attachments in Outlook:

With the most recent version of the Mail Merge Toolkit add-in, you can also send your documents as .PDF attachments or as data in the message body during in your mailing.

The special offer is available now – 10% discount for Mail Merge Toolkit license!

71 thoughts on “Mail merge with attachments in Outlook

  1. This looks pretty good, and after one or two false starts I managed to get it to work, but ahead of sending each e-mail it asked me to confirm that I wanted to send it, and there was no “yes to all” button, so I had to confirm them individually, which rather put a damper on the bulk mail idea – any suggestions?

    1. Hello Peter,
      Thank you for your question.
      Do you mean a dialogue which requests you to select your Outlook Contacts folder for every message ?
      This issue is known in some email account configurations if Outlook Contacts are used as the recipient data source, and an external file (e.g. an image) is used in the document/message body as well: Word connects to the image, and looses connection with the Outlook data source…
      We know some tricks allowing to solve that issue with Microsoft Office components: the easiest one is to use the regular Word option “Embed image” instead of inserting/linking to the image file.


  2. I’m trying to use the attachment feature, whereby I can put in the file path into the excel spreadsheet, but it is not working for me. How do I put in the file path, so it will email it!

    1. Hello Nikki,
      Thank you for your message.

      In order to let our add-in attach your file to your messages, you will need to type full file name in your Excel data source, which includes Path+ filename.extension, e.g.:


      Please make sure your data source contains full file name – with the file extension.

  3. I have tried the above path+filename extension but no attachment is sent.
    Email is sent to address as are all the field merges in the email but no attachment is sent with the email.
    please assist.

    1. Hello,

      Please consider creating a trouble ticket in our dedicated Support module:

      In the meantime, please identify the stage at which does the issue occur. Temporarily disable the “Send immediately when connected” Outlook option via ‘File -> Options -> Advanced’, and check the Outbox folder. Does the attachment appear to be present?

      Please forward your reply to the Support area.

      Thank you.

  4. But it seem that only one attachment could be attached on each email.
    It seems there is no methods to attached more than one file for one email.

  5. Hello Remiko,
    Thank you for your question.

    You can attach as many files as you wish to your individual messages: please click on the “…” button next to the “Attach” field.
    New dialogue window will open – for managing all your files in the list: attach static files, add your data source field with the path to your file, and remove your previously added files from the list.
    Please see the screenshot:

      1. Hello Scott, thank you for your question.
        Could you please watch the video-samle of using Excel data source for sending individual attachments here at YouTube ?

        Or, please just look at my screenshot:

    1. Hello Vinodkumar,
      Thank you for your question.
      Mail Merge Toolkit generates messages with attachments from within Word and Publisher and delivers them to Outlook.
      If your files are password protected, you can attach them to your messages as well.

      But if you need a tool to protect your files with passwords upon sending them – you will need a tool for Outlook.
      We offer such option with another our Outlook add-in – Attachments Processor:
      you can configure add-in rule to zip files in outgoing messages (filters can be set as well), and the add-in is able to archive outgoing attachments to password-protected zip-files. You can configure the password in the rule settings:

  6. Hi! I am having some problems sending out around 360 emails using mailmerge as my recipients was not able to receive my emails but those emails are already in my sent items. What can be the reason behind this? Does the mailmerge have limited amount of emails to be sent at a time? I am hoping for your prompt reply. Thank you!

    1. Hello Sir,
      Thank you for your question.
      The registered add-in version does not impose any limits (with the trial version, you will get a notification after 50 messages, so you will know exactly about the limit – I believe that is not the case).
      The add-in completes its task when all messages are places into Outlook Outbox. The system (Outlook + mail server) sends your messages further from Outlook – and all sent messages appear in the Sent Items folder. Here, Outlook completes its task as well.
      So, if your messages are present in Sent Items – that means both the add-in and Outlook sent them.
      And if your recipients have not got them, we can assume an issue has occurred with the mail server – either your mail server filtered your outgoing mail (and your mail server administrator can check that), or the recipients’ servers rejected incoming messages, or filtered into Junk/Spam. Please ask your mail server administrator – probably, they got non-delivery reports from your recipients’ server.
      But sometimes incoming mail server may block message without reporting.
      Please examine your sent messages: e.g. if you have numerous messages sent within 1-2 minutes to the same domain, that server could recognize such mailing as spam, or your subject line could contain a word recognized by the server as suspicious one…

      1. Hi! We already coordinated with our mail server but they did not find any stuck email. Yes, when I used mail merge all my emails appeared in the Sent Items folder. With our mail server seemingly ok, what could have been the problem with the transmission?

      2. Hi! Just an update. When we are sending 10 e-mails only. Recipients got their respective e-mails. We really are puzzled with this because mail merge seems to be working as well. Although, when we are sending e-mail blast of roughly 360 emails, they don’t get transmitted. Btw, is there an easier to talk with you guys?

  7. Hello Sir,
    Please contact us in our trouble ticket system:

    Our software completes its task when messages are placed into Outbox.
    If an issue occurs with numerous messages at your mail system, please ask first both your mail server administrator and your mail service provider – they may have limits for outgoing mail.

    Or, please look at your recipients: if you have too many recipients at the same domain – your recipients’ server may consider that actions as spam.

  8. I will be using Mail Merge to send a series of reports to distribution lists that I built in Excel. I have tested a variety of situations over the last few days. I have found the system very flexible. It’s fairly reliable, but occasionally, Mail Merge will not attach the files to a group of emails. Is there a way to stop the macro from merging messages and sending them, if I see a problem? Once I go back and re-select the file, everything seems to work fine, but I don’t want to send a series of messages without files to a long list of recipients.

    1. Hello Vance,
      Thank you for your question.

      >> occasionally, Mail Merge will not attach the files to a group of emails.
      The programme should display a notification informing you the file can not be attached – if you can see that one, one please select the mode “skip for this message” and check which files are skipped. Please check if they are available in their directories for your current user at the moment.
      If you select a data base field with the path to your file, please make sure full file name is specified there – including full path and the extension of your file.
      If you do not get such notification, and messages appear without attachments in Outlook, please contact us in trouble ticket or via e-mail – we will provide you detailed instructions for emptying temp folders.

      >> Is there a way to stop the macro from merging messages and sending them, if I see a problem?

      Yes. You can stop all your messages in Outbox – and look through the list before they are finally sent by Outlook:
      under File-> Options-> Advanced, please disable “Send immediately when connected” (please also check your settings for Send/Receive groups – they might be configured for sending by schedule).
      After that, your messages will just stack in Outbox – until you click manually on “Send/Receive” or “Send All”.

  9. Hi,

    Just downloaded the toolkit to mail merge with individual attachments, for some reason it will not send the emails and just sits waiting/trying to process, it seems the paths to the excel spreadsheets are causing the issue as it sends out the emails when not including the attachments – i have checked the paths to the excel sheets and are all correct though so not sure what else i can try – any ideas?

  10. Hello,

    We appreciate your interest in MAPILab products.

    We have replied to your trouble ticket (#61915) with a solution.

    Please let us know if you have other questions or notes.

    Sincerely yours,
    MAPILab Support Team.

  11. I would like to send a personalized attachment via Mail Merger (Word document and Excel file with tags and email addresses for recipients) as a pdf file. In the email itself, I’d like to add a static subject and body message. How do I do that with your tool?

    1. Hello,

      In order to do that, please select the “PDF, Attachment” mailing format in the Mail Merge Toolkit Window. A window will appear, allowing you to edit the message body separately.

      Sincerely yours,
      MAPILab Support Team.

  12. I downloaded the free trail to see how the mail merge attachment worked but it’s not showing up in my word program I only see merge Electronic mail

    1. Hello,

      If you are certain that the installation has been successful – most likely the add-in is disabled. Please try enabling it as follows:

      1) In Word 2010/2013/2016, navigate to “File -> Options -> Add-ins”;
      2) You can see the “Manage [COM Add-ins] Go…” control down below. The [COM Add-ins] part is switchable. Please click it and switch to “Disabled Items” so the control would resemble the “Manage [Disable Items] Go…” scheme.
      3) Click the “Go…” button.
      4) On the resulting window you should see the MMTProg.dll file. Please enable it by highlighting it and clicking the “Enable” button.
      5) Next, please return to the “File -> Options -> Add-ins” window.
      6) Click the “Go…” button when the [COM Add-ins] item is switched.
      7) Locate the add-in in the add-ins list, and put a checkmark beside it to enable it. Click “Ok” and see if the add-in is now present within the interface.
      8) If you still do not see the add-in, please try restarting Word after steps 4 and 7 for the changes to apply.

      If there was no MMTProg.dll file, please remove the checkmark in the 7th step instead, and retry the procedure from the start.

      Also, please check that the add-in is enabled in Outlook as well. The name of the Outlook component is OutlookSenderAddin.dll.

      If the issue persists, please try re-installing the add-in as follows:

      1) Close Outlook and Word (all instances) – then, open Task Manager and check that both outlook.exe and winword.exe are not listed under “Processes” tab. If they are – please terminate these processes, or simply log off and log on.

      2) Uninstall current version from your computer through the menu “Start-> Settings-> System-> Apps & Features”.

      3) Check whether program folder no longer exists under the following path:

      C:\Program Files\MAPILab Ltd\ (“Program Files (x86)” if you have 32-bit Office on 64-bit machine)

      If it does – remove this folder manually;

      4) Please download the latest version of the add-in from our website:

      5) Unzip the package, right-click the setup file relevant to your bit-edition of Office (it could be either 32-bit or 64-bit) – and choose the “Run as Administrator” option.

      Please type in the administrator’s password, and install the software “For everyone who uses this computer (all users)” during the third step of Installation Wizard.

      6) Launch Word and follow all First Start Wizard’s directions.

      For future support requests – please refrain from using the comment section:

  13. I downloaded the free trail to see how the mail merge attachment worked but when I clicked on the Merge and Send OK button, I get an error message

    Error: “Exception occurred.”
    File: MailSenderClient.cpp
    Line: 239
    Method: MailSenderClient::CreateOutlookSession

    1. Hello,

      This error message indicates that the add-in is disabled in Outlook. The enabling procedure is the very same:

      1) In Outlook 2010/2013/2016, navigate to “File -> Options -> Add-ins”;
      2) You can see the “Manage [COM Add-ins] Go…” control down below. The [COM Add-ins] part is switchable. Please click it and switch to “Disabled Items” so the control would resemble the “Manage [Disable Items] Go…” scheme.
      3) Click the “Go…” button.
      4) On the resulting window you should see the OutlookSenderAddin.dll file. Please enable it by highlighting it and clicking the “Enable” button.
      5) Next, please return to the “File -> Options -> Add-ins” window.
      6) Click the “Go…” button when the [COM Add-ins] item is switched.
      7) Locate the add-in in the add-ins list, and put a checkmark beside it to enable it. Click “Ok” and see if the issue has been resolved.
      8) If the issue still persists, please try restarting Outlook after steps 4 and 7 for the changes to apply.

      If there was no OutlookSenderAddin.dll file, please remove the checkmark in the 7th step instead, and retry the procedure from the start.

      Sincerely yours,
      MAPILab Support Team.

  14. Hi Mapilab,

    I downloaded the trial mailmerge addin but it doesnt seem to register on my system.
    I can’t even find it in my list of programs.

    I have attempted this on three occasions already.

    Any ideas why that is ?


    1. Hello Sean,
      Thank you for your question.
      Most probably, you installed the app as another user (e.g.Administrator) with the setting “Only for me”. Please uninstall the add-in and start new installation, but select now “For everyone who uses this computer (all users)” in the 3rd Installation Wizard step. To uninstall, you could either find the app in Control Panel-> Programs and Features, or run the same setup file – and select “Remove”.

      To enable the add-in in Outlook 2010-16, please point to File-> Options, highlight Add-Ins in the left block, then locate drop-down options in the bottom and choose “Disabled Items”-> Go. Enable the add-in there, then point to COM Add-Ins and mark it with the tick.

      If it is not listed among Disabled Items – please remove the tick from its check box in COM Add-Ins, click OK, then point back – and put the checkmark. Either add-in option will be added to Outlook toolbars/ribbons, or you will get some informative notification.


  15. Hi! I am having some problems at the time of sending mail, system shows this below error

    Fatal Error!
    Error code : hr = 80004002

    Kindly let me know the limitation also.

  16. I have used the tool several times to send our mail merge documents as a pdf attachment. Generally I just type in a short test message in the message body dialog that comes up – but now I need to include an image in the message body and I can’t figure out how to accomplish that.

    1. Hello Joan,
      Thank you for your question.
      We will add support of graphics as new feature in the next version.
      In the current version, if you select sending your main message text as attachment, you can type your text and use data source fields in the message body – but adding images is not supported with the recent version.
      We will appreciate your further questions and suggestions !


    1. Hello Evan,
      Thank you for your question.

      Yes, you can add multiple recipients to all fields: To, CC, or BCC – please separate them with the semicolon (;).
      The “To” field is generated based on your data source records: your single record may include single email address in one data field, or several ones (e.g. 2 or more addresses in a single Excel cell, separated by semicolon). The add-in generates 1 message for 1 record.
      In the CC/BCC field, you can just type all your addresses, or you can also type your recipients in your data source: e.g. in an Excel file, please create a separate data field for CC or BCC – and type your addresses into the cells.

      The length of a single message recipient data (name and email address) is limited to 255 characters according to RFC 822.
      If you add several recipients to the CC field of your database – please make sure the length of all their addresses and names (if you use the format: User First ), does not exceed that limitation.
      Outlook will just cut the rest without any notification.

      You can also check all your recipients in Outbox before sending (switch Outlook to “Word Offline” for that).

      Exchange Server may also limit the size of data in a single recipient field – to 32 KB, or according to your server settings.

      Supported data formats for recipients are:

  17. Hi
    Almost everything has been intuitive. I have just one question. I am sending out 800 merged word document as a RTF attachment. In my testing the recipient is getting a message that by opening the document it will run an SQL command: basically asking if you want to link to the data source (which they won’t be able to and I dont want them to). If you say no – it behaves like a normal merged document.
    Unfortunately the mere fact that the message appears will confuse most people.

    1. Hello Brian,
      Thank you for your message.
      We could recreate this issue with some specific configuration, and will fix it soon (hopefully, till the 20th of May).
      We appreciate your information very much, and will let you know once the fix is available for download.
      We will appreciate your understanding, and will readily answer all your further quetsions.

      Olga T., support specialist at MAPILab Ltd.

      1. Hi Olga
        How are you going to your planned timeframe? To get the fix do we re-download the app?
        Thanks Brian

  18. Thank you Olga. It is good knowing it is being worked on. I am going to see if I can extend the date that I have to send the merge out so I can utilise the fix. B

  19. I’m using Windows 10 + Office 2013.
    In Word when I come to the point, that the mails should be created by Mail Merge, I get the attached error message for each mail to create. I have to click “OK” on and on the get all mails created.
    Mail Merge creates the mails including different attachments, but I can find them at the Drafts AND the Outbox Folder of my IMAP mail account.
    Next problem: I can’t delete them from Drafts. Anything is blocking the IMAP sync with my mail provider. Because the mails can be deleted by using web mail, but they still appear in Outlook.

    Any Ideas about this various problems?

    1. Hello Winny,
      Thank you for your question.
      Our tool saves the interim copies of individual messages to your Drafts folder. Then, the messages are being placed to Outbox and removed from Drafts.
      When you configure IMAP account, Outlook creates a local mailbox copy as the OST file connected to your account. And issues with deleting messages from its folders are known if that local mail store is long time in use or large.
      Please apply regular general solutions recommended by Microsoft for fixing issues with local mailbox copies – they are useful any way and will improve your Outlook productivity:
      1) Please run the “Compact now” utility in Account Settings-> Data Files-> select your OST file-> Settings-> Advanced-> Outlook Data File Settings-> Compact Now – that fixes issues with the mail store.
      2) Repair your OST file(s):

      We will appreciate your further questions.

      1. Thank you Olga for the answer.
        Here what happened:
        1. compressing the ost file didn’t help.
        2. repairing the ost file did something, but nothing good. After repairing I tried to delete over 100 files in Draft, which were only local, but couldn’t. Instead my Outlook started to send them again. Until I was able to stop these sending, a lot of my customers got old mails and I got angry answers.
        3. The Problem with the permission error still exists. (No answer)
        I’m really really disappointed about this piece of software.

  20. I am getting the error:

    Error: “Exception occurred.”
    File: MailSenderClient.cpp
    Line: 244
    Method: MailSenderClient::CreateOutlookSession

    * * *

    Windows Server 2012 Standard
    Microsoft Office Standard 2013

    * * *

    Please help!

  21. I am using Windows 2007 and trying to use the attachment feature using the format “HTML, filtered”. When I send it I get a box that says “missing attachment file: the following file is not found or inaccessible and can not be attached to the message.” I’ve checked the file path in the excel database various times and it’s the correct file path for each attachment. Not sure what I should try next, any help is highly appreciated!

    1. Hello Cynthia,
      Thank you for your question.
      Please check your file name, incl. the path and the file extension, e.g.:
      Please copy the path of your failed attachment, paste it to Start-> Run, and hit Enter – to see your file is available that way, or not.

      If you wish to attach several files from a folder – you can replace file name with the file mask (file.*; or *.ext; or *.*).
      If the issue persists – please contact us in the trouble ticket system with the sample\screenshot of your data source and the screenshot of your add-in settings:

  22. Hi Olga

    Re my May 10 query. Do you know if the issue has been resolved. I know originally you were hoping for May 20. I can’t delay my distribution beyond Monday 20 June and really hoping for some good news



  23. Hi, Is there any way to just send the text message in the body message but not included as a separate file in the attachment?
    I just want to send massive e-mails with a text message in the body message and different pdf files attached.

    Any help is highly appreciated!

    1. Hello Federico, thank you for your question.
      Yes, you can select between 6 message formats: with “HTML Filtered” and “Plain Text”, your main document text is placed into message body; with other 4 formats – the add-in exports your main document text to files and attaches them to your message. Optionally, you are offered to type your text for the message body separately in the new dialogue.
      If your Word document contains merely text (without formatting), you can select “Plain Text” as message format, and attach your files in the “Attach” field.
      If your Word document contains grafics or/and formatted text, please select “HTML Filtered”, and attach your files as well.

  24. Hi
    I am facing this error when I try to send an attachment. This happens after I click the send button. Please help

    1. Hello,

      A similar question has been replied earlier in the comment section.

      Please note that it is not provided for requesting technical assistance. If you wish to receive technical support, please visit the respective section of our website:

      Sincerely yours,
      MAPILab Support Team.

  25. Hi,

    I am trying to use trial version.
    But I receive below error.

    Error:”The parameter is incorrect.”
    File: MailSenderClient.cpp
    Method: mailSenderClient::Send

    I appreciated any help.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello,

      This error messages appears when the data source field is not chosen in the add-in’ settings dialogue, or when the selected email address field does not contain email addresses.

      Please go back to the 3rd Mail Merge Wizard step and see your recipients’ email addresses, or click “Edit recipient list”.

      Once you know your email address field – please select it in the add-in settings and proceed.

      Sincerely yours,
      MAPILab Support Team.

  26. Hello

    i am getting following error, while sending email using mail merge tool kit:

    Error: “Exception occurred.”
    File: MailSenderClient.cpp
    Method: MailSenderClient::Send

    Please suggest

    Mallikarjuna K

  27. I am trying to do a mail merge with attachments in the form of zipped file. I was successful in earlier attempts but now I am facing the below error.
    Error:”The system cannot find the path specified.”
    File: MailSenderClient.cpp
    Line: 46
    Method: MailSenderClient::SendHTML

    Can someone please help what does the above mean? Your help will be highly appreciated.

  28. I have got below error message in a trial version:

    File: MailSenderClient.cpp
    Line: 150
    Method: MailSenderClient::Send

    Can someone please help?


  29. Hi I downloaded the free trial to see if this will work for my business, so far so good with one issue. I am trying to send a word document with a picture inserted in the header. As soon as I send the mail merge i lose the picture and receive this message:

    “the linked file can not be displayed. The file may have been removed, renamed or deleted. Verify the link reports to the correct file lcoation.”

    any thoughts?

  30. HI,

    I am using an excel spreadsheet, to send mass mails via the mail merge toolkit. My Excel sheet has a column with specific attachment field paths. But i am being limited to one personalized attachment per person. I do not want to send more than one mail to each recipient, but these recipients have more than one personalized attachment.

    How do edit my excel sheet, so that when i complete the mail merge, it picks up all the necessary attachments for each recipients?

    For ex. C:\Users\sanchari.bardhan\Desktop\Recipient Name 1\Msg 1.msg C:\Users\sanchari.bardhan\Desktop\Recipient Name 1\Msg 2.msg

    I want only one mail sent to recipient 1, but i need both the attachments sent to him. I have too many recipients, and i don’t want to create several excel lists for each recipient. Is there a way to attach more than one in the excel sheet?

    1. Hello,

      In this case, your data-source structure has to resemble the following one:

      Name Email Attachment 1 Attachment 2 Attachment 3

      Julie C:\ C:\ C:\
      Mark C:\ C:\ C:\

      “Attachment 1″, “Attachment 2″ and “Attachment 3″ data fields can each be inserted in a single mailing.

      Sincerely yours,
      MAPILab Support Team.

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