Change sender email address in mail merge with Word

Out of the box, Microsoft Word sends mail merge emails using a default Outlook account and doesn`t offer an option to use different email accounts. This often leads to the common mistake of sending with the wrong email address.

Mail Merge Email Options

This is where Mail Merge Toolkit comes to the rescue, offering full control over the FROM field:

  • Before sending messages, you can change the sender, when having multiple Outlook accounts.
  • Moreover, you can mail merge as someone else if you were delegated Send As or Send on Behalf of another Microsoft 365 or Exchange mailbox permissions.

Mail Merge Using Different Email Account

First, under the Sending Settings tab, enable Outlook email account and profile selection.

Change Sender in Mail Merge

Now, after preparing personalized bulk email messages, and clicking the Send Messages button, you will be offered to choose one of the email accounts configured in Microsoft Outlook. Click under Profile and Choose account to select the outgoing email account.

Send Mail Merge from Multiple Accounts

Mail Merge: Send As or On Behalf Of Someone Else

Starting from Mail Merge Toolkit version 6.0, you also can send emails as someone else, if you were delegated permission to Send As or On Behalf Of another mailbox. This feature works with Microsoft 365 and Exchange mailboxes.

Mail Merge on Behalf of Someone Else

After you select the correct Outlook email account and profile, click the Will be sent form Email address option, Other Email Address, and type in the shared mailbox.

Learn more about other features of Mail Merge Toolkit or download and try it yourself.

10 thoughts on “Change sender email address in mail merge with Word

  1. I have downloaded and installed the trial version. We need the option to send mails from another mail than the default mail address. We choose the other account, but no matter what we do it keeps sending it from the default address. Can you tell me why this is not working?

  2. Hi. I downloaded the trial version of Mail Merge Toolkit. When I tried to send a mail merge, the window “choose account” opened, but I cannot choose an account (Profile = Outlook, but there is no account listed; I have several Outlook accounts), neither an email address. Can you help me please?

    1. Hello
      This error is not typical. Our Office add-ins depend heavily on the utmost structural integrity of Office applications. To resolve the issue – please try the following basic troubleshooting steps.

      1. Repair your target Office installation:
      2. Please also try re-creating your Outlook profile:
        Create a new test profile, then, in this profile, please configure your regular mailbox account (mirroring the existing one). And then, configure Outlook to launch with this profile instead (make it default temporarily).

      If this won`t help in your case, please reach our Support team for help.

      1. I also downloaded the trial version of Mail Merge Toolkit as of March 2024. I am having the same issue being unable to send emails from another mail account other than the default mail address. The only way I can get it to work is if I restart Outlook and login from the alternate account to begin with. Just wondering if there is a fix for this issue? Thank you!

  3. We purchased this Professional Toolkit version to be able to send on behalf of someone else, unfortunately, it does not allow this feature. We have delegated permission to Send As or On Behalf Of another mailbox in Outlook. However, the account does not populate under choose account in the Toolkit. Please help!

    1. Hello, to specify an alternative mailbox with sufficient permissions:

      1. click on the underlined email under the Will be sent from Email address option,
      2. next Other Email Address
      3. and enter the address you want to use.

      If you still have difficulties with the settings, please reach our Support team.

  4. Unfortunately this feature doesn’t work for me, i.e. I can’t choose the sender address from the available accounts.

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